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Genshin Impact x Sanxingdui Museum Zhongli Cultural Gift Box Unveiled

by Genshin Fans 21 Dec 2023

Dear Travelers, we are thrilled to announce the official unveiling of the Sanxingdui Museum x Genshin Impact Zhongli Elegant Cultural and Creative Gift Box today. It will be available for purchase starting at 19:00 Beijing time on December 21st. This exquisite gift box includes a notebook, a seal, a metal bookmark, and a packaging box with a lenticular card. The notebook's pages feature carefully curated information about artifacts from the Sanxingdui Museum, making it a valuable collector's item. The seal, designed in the shape of a ridge, boasts intricate carvings and comes with a seal base. The metal bookmark showcases a captivating hollow design with intricate details and is elegantly adorned with a gold pendant for added charm. The packaging box exudes a luxurious texture and includes a lenticular card, creating a stunning 3D holographic effect that beautifully complements the dreamlike journey of the Rex Lapis.

Genshin Impact x Sanxingdui Museum Collaboration Box