Ganyu Genshin Impact Plenilune Gaze Ver. 1/7 Figure
 Ganyu Genshin Impact Plenilune Gaze Figure
 Ganyu Genshin Impact Plenilune Gaze Ver. 1/7 Figure back
 Ganyu Genshin Impact Plenilune Gaze Ver. 1/7 Figure

[Official Merchandise] Ganyu Genshin Impact Plenilune Gaze Ver. 1/7 Figure

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From the immensely popular open world video game, "Genshin Impact," emerges Ganyu, gracing the realm of three dimensions through her inaugural 1/7 scale figure. Standing resplendently at an approximate height of 22 centimeters, Ganyu assumes a poised and delicate posture, cradling her Sacred Cryo Pearl within her dainty hands, thus emulating the artistry depicted in official card illustrations. APEX, in their unwavering commitment to meticulousness, has fastidiously attended to every minuscule detail, ensuring an exacting reproduction—from the lustrous gleam adorning her ebony hosiery, to the nuanced gradients of paint adorning her ensemble, and even to the intricate braided embellishments festooning her accessories. Ganyu's countenance—radiating a subtly enchanting smile—bestows upon her admirers the quintessential centerpiece for any devoted aficionado's collection. Do not falter in securing this invaluable treasure; be sure to reserve yours promptly. enables shipping to the majority of countries and regions worldwide. It is important to note that:


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Customer Reviews

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My wife Ganyu!

What a beautiful girl

She looks just like a cake standing on my table

Bright color, no blemishes at all

I love Yangu 4ever.. sorry Ganyu

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