DEFINITELY NO. We promise that all items marked as Official Merchandise are purchased from miHoYo through official channels,but this website does not represent miHoYo or HoYoverse and has no intention of pretending official sales channels. It acts solely as an agent for users and players, assisting customers in purchasing these items from official channels and handling related matters such as export, transportation, and after-sales support. To avoid any misunderstandings, we suggest carefully reviewing the disclaimer terms.

All the items labeled as Official Merchandise are subject to copyright by Mihoyo & Hoyoverse(COGNOSPHERE), while the copyright for the relevant information of other items belongs to their respective creators.

On our website, the merchandise can be mainly categorized into three types:

  • Official Merchandise, refers to the official genuine products sold by miHoYo's official stores, both online and offline. We ensure that these products are sourced through official channels.
  • Collaboration Merch, consists of merchandise collaboratively created by other brands in partnership with the Genshin Impact official team. These items are usually released for a limited time and quantity. They may be sold by miHoYo's official stores or the corresponding brand's stores. We guarantee that these products are procured through miHoYo or the respective brand's official channels. If the item you desire particularly is no longer available, you can contact us and we can assist you in retrieving it from the public market.
  • Unofficial Merchandise, refers to Fan-made/Third-party Merch. We procure these items through public channels. However, please note that the quality control might be slightly inferior compared to the previous two categories. If you have a strict requirement for perfect product quality, we suggest being cautious when purchasing such items.

According to official announcement from miHoYo/Hoyoverse (developer and owner of Genshin Impact):

…any fan-made Genshin Impact merchandise that claims to be “official” is completely banned, as is counterfeiting or modifying MiHoYo’s own merchandise. Fans must also clearly state the words “fan-made merchandise” on wherever it’s being sold.

Fan-made/Third-party Merchandise are crafted by fans of Genshin Impact or third-party individuals, and it is important to note that these products do not come from the official source. They may originate from various individuals or groups(excluding genshinfans.com). These products have not been authorized by the official entity, but they are allowed within a reasonable scope for fan interaction and enjoyment, as stated in the official documentation

Furthermore, Fan-made/Third-party Merch does not come with any official quality assurance. Due to the individual nature of the creation process, there may be slight imperfections. If you place high importance on product quality, we advise you to exercise caution when making a purchase. While we strive to select high-quality Fan-made/Third-party Merch, we cannot guarantee their final quality or assume any responsibility regarding their quality.

We strictly adhere to the official regulations, which is why you will clearly see Official Merchandise and Fan-made/Third-party Merch on our website. We do not tolerate any counterfeit goods, so you will not find any imitations or plagiarized official products on our site. We cannot tolerate cheap replicas.

We greatly respect the creative talent of fans, and we are more than happy to showcase your outstanding creations to fans worldwide. If you have unique creative works, feel free to contact us. Let's explore and create together.

GenshinFans.com is a carefully curated collection of products related to Genshin Impact. We have handpicked exquisite items made by official sources or passionate fans from around the world. All of our products are directly related to Genshin Impact, and we strive to provide you with a delightful shopping experience.

Of course, there are alternative purchasing channels available to you as well. For instance, if you are fluent in reading and writing Chinese, you can consider trying the official channels in mainland China. However, please note that you would be responsible for handling cross-border logistics, customs clearance, and any related issues that may arise. It could potentially be an unfortunate experience. Our presence is dedicated to simplifying your shopping experience and saving your valuable time. Therefore, choosing to purchase on GenshinFans.com would be a wiser choice for you.

If such a situation arises, please accept our sincerest apologies first and foremost.

You can reach out to us for support 24/7, and we will respond as soon as possible. However, please understand that our usual working hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Beijing time) on Mondays to Saturdays. During this time frame, your requests for support will be promptly addressed. If you are located outside of China, you can refer to the following table to determine the most efficient time to contact us.

Time Zone Prompt response time(Mon-Sat)
China (UTC+8) 9:00-18:00
Tokyo (UTC+9) 10:00-19:00
Los Angeles (UTC-7) 18:00-03:00 (Next Day)
Denver (UTC-6) 19:00-04:00 (Next Day)
Chicago (UTC-5) 20:00-05:00 (Next Day)
New York (UTC-4) 21:00-06:00 (Next Day)
Mexico (UTC-5) 20:00-05:00 (Next Day)
London (UTC+1) 02:00-11:00
Moscow (UTC+3) 05:00-14:00
Dubai (UTC+4) 05:00-14:00

Of course, outside of the mentioned time frame, it doesn't imply that we won't respond. Therefore, feel free to reach out to us as we are still available for communication. Feel free to reach out to us at any time support@genshinfans.com via email or by clicking here to get in touch with our online customer service team.

We presently utilize online payments through PayPal, and you also have the option to make the payment directly with debit or credit card. For detailed instructions, you can click here to learn more.

We offer shipping to most countries around the world. However, due to the ever-changing global logistic environment, there might be instances when delivery to your region is not possible at certain times. In such cases, we will promptly reach out to you and discuss whether you would prefer to delay the shipment or receive a full refund. For detailed information on our comprehensive shipping policy, please click here.

In general, unless the product is significantly damaged, we do not accept any reasons for refunds or returns, as our procurement actions are also irrevocable. If you accidentally purchased the wrong item and our order has not yet entered the processing stage, we recommend that you contact us promptly so that we can do our best to explore the possibility of changing the item(s) for you.

The latter is faster than the former, and as a result, its shipping costs are higher than the former. Generally, for orders totaling $30 or more, we offer free standard shipping, and for orders totaling $1000 or more, we provide free express shipping. For detailed differences, we recommend clicking here to read the complete shipping policy.

Upon receiving your order, we will promptly process it. However, it is important for you to understand that there is a significant demand for Genshin Impact-related items worldwide. Even miHoYo's own warehouse frequently experience shortages, especially for popular items. In some cases, we may have to wait for 4-8 weeks, and pre-order items may have even longer waiting times. Nonetheless, the majority of goods can be shipped within 7 working days.

Additionally, if you choose standard shipping, there may be delays from the logistics company. Despite delivering the goods to them, they may wait to accumulate a certain quantity of items for efficient transportation. Generally, delivery can be completed within 5-15 working days. If you wish to receive the items as soon as possible, you can also opt for express shipping, which may incur additional costs. For detailed information, please click here to review our shipping policy.

It is important to note that intentionally delaying shipments does not benefit us in any way, so we absolutely do not engage in such practices. Providing a pleasant and satisfactory shopping experience for our customers is our top priority. Please trust that we will make every effort to deliver your item(s) as quickly as possible.

Refunds initiated under the following circumstances will not be accepted:

You changed your mind, no longer like, or do not need the item.

The size of the clothing product is not suitable (thus, it is important to carefully review the size chart in conjunction with your actual measurements).

The time it took to receive the item exceeded your expectations (due to the complexity of transportation, the exact delivery time cannot be guaranteed, but you can always check or track the progress of your order and logistics).

However, if the item you received has obvious quality defects or if the wrong product was sent, you certainly have the right to initiate a refund.

For more information regarding refund procedures, it is recommended to peruse Return & Refund Policy .

If you purchase a larger quantity (e.g. more than 20 items), it is usually possible to provide you with additional discounts. However, please note that the specifics may vary depending on the product. We recommend contacting us directly for the best discount available..

If your order includes pre-order items, we will have to wait until all the items in your order are available before we can ship them to you. However, pre-order items usually have a very long waiting time, so we recommend that you place a separate order for pre-order items so that you can receive other items first.

There are several distinct aspects to consider when it comes to pre-order items that differentiate them from other products. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  • The waiting time for pre-order items can be considerably longer, making them unsuitable for occasions with time constraints, such as birthday gifts.

  • Once purchased, pre-order items are non-refundable, even if you have not yet received the merchandise.

  • Pre-order items are in high demand and there is a possibility of not being able to successfully purchase them. However, in such cases, we will provide a full refund.

If you intend to buy pre-order items, it is highly recommended that you carefully read through the complete Pre-order Policy.

The price comparison depends on the reference point. If we compare our products with officially authorized genuine ones, our prices are not considered high.We act as an agent for users and players, assisting customers in purchasing these items and handling related matters such as export, transportation, and after-sales support. The operation of the website and the provision of the aforementioned services inevitably incur additional costs. Therefore, the prices of the items you purchase are generally higher than those sold directly in mainland China (but still provide excellent value for money). Your understanding is appreciated.

Just to add, The pricing of our products has been meticulously calculated, ensuring their reasonableness. If you happen to find significantly lower prices elsewhere, it is highly likely that you will be disappointed upon unpacking your purchase.

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