[Official Merchandise] Sangonomiya Kokomi: Pearl of Wisdom Mechanical Keyboard

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Sangonomiya Kokomi: Pearl of Wisdom Mechanical Keyboard

Specification 108-key, around 445 x 136 x 40mm
Keycap Material PBT
Keycap Craft 5-sided sublimation
Frame ABS
Feet 2 levels
Backlit adjustable RGB
Keyswitch Kailh BOX VGN Ice-cream Switch, Kailh BOX Winter Switch
Keyswitch Socket Kailh
Battery Capacity 8000 mAh
Connection Bluetooth 5.0 / 2.4G wireless / Type-C
System Support Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android
  • Keyboard
  • USB-A to USB-C data cable
  • User Manual
  • 2.4G Receiver
  • Keycap Puller
  • 3 switches of the same type as the keyboard
  • Dust Cover

Shaft Introduction

Kailh BOX – VGN Ice-cream Keyswitch: Enhanced with the all-new POM Pro material, it becomes smoother with extended use. Featuring an elongated spring for stronger rebound, extended shaft core for earlier actuation, and a durable BOX dustproof chamber.

Kailh BOX – Winter Keyswitch: Carefully selected materials, a clear and transparent stem and base made of POM for smoother keystrokes, and a PC material for the top cover. It offers a pronounced tactile feel, with a lighter initial and actuation touch. Extended spring for enhanced rhythm, and a durable BOX dustproof chamber for long-lasting use.

Supplementary keycaps

High-purity PBT material keycaps, wear-resistant and not oily, with delicate touch; utilizing extensive five-sided sublimation technology to reproduce character colors, ensuring clear and durable patterns.

Connection Options

Three connection modes: Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G, and Type-C (USB-A to Type-C), supporting multiple systems. Ultra-low latency wireless connection meets the demands of various scenarios.

2.4G Wireless Connection

  1. Take out the receiver from the right storage slot.
  2. Insert the receiver into the USB port of your computer.
  3. Pull the mode switch on the left side to 2.4G mode.

Bluetooth connection

  1. Pull the mode switch on the left to Bluetooth mode.
  2. Press Fn + number keys 1, 2 or 3 to start pairing, The indicator light flashes quickly during pairing.
  3. Supports pairing with up to 3 devices, press Fn + number keys 1, 2 or 3 can switch the device

Wired connection

  1. Plug the Type-C cable into the keyboard port
  2. Connect the cable to the computer
  3. Slide the mode switch on the left to the middle position

    Internal Filling

    Utilizing PO sandwich cotton, IXPE eight-fold foam axis pad, PET voice actor pad, axis seat cotton, and silicone base pad, the five layer noise reduction structure effectively fills the internal space, eliminating most cavity noise. Combined with the Gasket structure, it brings a purer touch and sound.

    RGB Backlit

    Custom Lighting Function:
    Press Fn + ~ to invoke custom backlighting, supporting only one set of custom memory lighting.
    Custom Lighting Editing:
    Press Fn + ~ to switch to custom lighting mode,
    then press Fn + ~ again to start editing the lighting. Press the keys to be defined; each press changes the keyboard lighting color. After editing, press Fn + ~ again to save the edited lighting.

    Battery capacity

    8000mAh long battery life

    All-key punchless, 1000Hz high return rate, paired with a large 8000mAh battery, supporting SMART SPEED low-latency technology, bringing gaming-grade low-latency experience

    Hot Swappable

    Key switches can be removed and replaced without having to disconnect the keyboard from computer.
    The keyboard is compatible with most key switches in the market.


    Q: Why can't I use my Win key?
    A: When the Win key is locked by pressing Fn+Win, it cannot be triggered. In this case, the Win indicator on the keyboard lights up. To unlock, press Fn+Win again.

    Q: Why my Win and Alt keys are switched, but F1-F12 are not responded or become function keys?
    After pressing Fn+S, the keyboard will switch to MAC mode, then under Windows system, it will show that Win key and Alt key are aligned, and Fn+F1-F12 become function keys; press Fn+A to switch back to Windows mode.


    • Please do not use alcohol to rub the UV-printed casing.
    • Mechanical keyboards are not waterproof or dustproof.
    • Key caps can be cleaned with detergent after taken off from the keyboard. Make sure they are all totally dry before installing them back in the keyboard.
    • Use brush to remove dust from the keyboard.
    • Do not expose it to strong sunlight and high heat for long term.

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