Pre-Order Policy offers a selection of pre-order items for sale. These products are often of exceptional quality and highly sought after, or they may be limited edition releases. We refer to them as pre-order items because these products are still in the design or creation phase, or they have not yet arrived at our warehouse. Pre-ordering is often the only way to ensure you get your hands on these items. However, it is crucial that you carefully read the terms below before making a decision to purchase a pre-order item. By purchasing a pre-order item, you are acknowledging and accepting the following terms.

About Pre-Order

Pre-order items will be featured on alongside other items. When purchasing pre-order items, you will also need to provide complete personal and shipping address information and make the corresponding payment for the items. However, it is crucial to be aware that some pre-order items may have longer delivery times and may undergo changes. Please take note of the following points:

  • Please ensure that the information you provide is up-to-date, accurate, and complete, as this information is the only way we can notify you of the progress of your order in a timely manner. If any changes occur to the aforementioned information before the pre-ordered items are shipped, please make sure to contact us immediately to ensure the smooth delivery of your items.
  • If you're purchasing pre-order items as a birthday gift or for any purpose requiring a higher level of certainty, we strongly advise you to exercise caution. The specific delivery time may be influenced by factors beyond our control, and thus we do not make any promises regarding the delivery time of pre-order items nor do we assume any responsibility for any delays in their delivery.

About Payment

Like any other product, pre-order items require full payment at the time of purchase. Once purchased, we will reserve the item for you and your order cannot be canceled or transferred.
As the available pre-order inventory decreases, the market price for certain products may increase, and we reserve the right to make price adjustments. However, if you have already completed the pre-order payment, we will still honor the price you paid at the time of purchase.

About Release Date

Please note that the release date (or the estimated time of arrival) stated on our website is just an approximate time. We have made a reasonable estimate based on the information available to us. However, there may be some unforeseeable factors that are beyond our control, and the exact timing would depend on the official or the creator's progress.

Additionally, our release date(or ETA) might not align with the official release date due to the time required for order processing and the logistics transportation within mainland China. Thank you for your understanding.

About Shipping

Once the pre-ordered items arrive at the warehouse, we will promptly conduct an inspection and proceed with the shipping process. During this stage, you will also receive a notification about the shipment, along with a specific logistics tracking code, to facilitate your timely tracking of the latest progress in the delivery.

About Cancellation

Once a pre-ordered item is purchased, no requests for order cancellation will be accepted under any circumstances. These highly sought-after items are in high demand, so there are strict requirements for procurement, and our suppliers do not permit us to revoke orders(once our credibility is questioned, we might face restrictions in participating in future pre-purchase projects). Therefore, we kindly ask you to thoroughly consider your purchase decision before proceeding. We appreciate your understanding.
The only possible scenario where an order cancellation may occur is if there are issues with the supplier or creator, resulting in an inability to produce or deliver. In such a case, we will promptly reach out to you and provide a full refund.