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Klee Impression Series New Arrivals

by Genshin Fans 06 Dec 2023

Dear Travelers, get ready for the upcoming release of the Klee themed impression series merchandise. Don't miss out on the special discounts during the event !

The new theme products this time include 3 clothing items, 6 series of accessories, and 1 daily item, including: knitted cardigans, hoodies, home robes, home slippers, mid-calf sock sets, backpacks, hats, gloves, scarves, and scented candles. The Knit Cardigan is soft and comfortable, embroidered with ifferent colored and sized trifolium, featuring a lively and cute red and white color combination. The hoodies come in beige and red, made of fleece fabric, providing warmth and a full atmosphere, and you can also enjoy the fantastic feel of Jumpy Dumpty! The home robes are made of selected coral fleece material, adorned with a fluffy jumpy dumpty hat. let's go fish blasting with Klee! The home slippers are soft and feature cute 3D Dodoco ears and tail shapes. The delicate jumpy dumpty scented candles have a sweet and not overly strong fragrance, bringing warmth and sweetness to travelers, creating a healing atmosphere in the winter.

Come and spend a cozy winter with Klee!

Klee Theme Impression Series


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