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Oneplus Ace3 X Genshin Impact Keqing Custom Phone, meticulously crafted with sincerity.

by FansGenshin 26 Feb 2024

I am Keqing, Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing. We live in an era of change, Join me. Let us bear witness to this historical moment together.

 OnePlus Ace3 X Genshin Impact Keqing Custom Phone

Travelers have long awaited the OnePlus‘s custom Genshin Impact Keqing smartphone, which will elegantly debut on February 28th !

Industry's first release with brand-new craftsmanship, Keqing theme collectibles, exclusive Keqing system theme, professional performance inspired by Genshin Impact, crafting a new benchmark for industry-wide customization in 2024!

Lightning Stiletto embossing

Lightning Stiletto embossing, Stellar Restoration , deeply restored

The Keqing-exclusive Lightning Stiletto embossing features an integrated matte one-piece design, faithfully reproducing every detail of the Lightning Stiletto element.

Monochromatic design

Monochromatic design, Performance aesthetics, pure and seamless

The all-new thunder Purple limited edition color, pioneering projection technology. Keqing-themed texture, inspired by Keqing's classic element design, faithfully reproducing every detail of the Yuheng star.

The all-new generation silk glass craftsmanship

The all-new generation silk glass craftsmanship,Silk texture, no fingerprints

Furthermore, there are many exquisite designs such as the new Silk Glass Craftsmanship, flagship metal middle frame and many other exquisite designs, both face value and hand feeling, to create a new peak of the texture of the customized mobile phone.

Flagship-grade metal middle frame

Flagship-grade metal middle frame
Lightweight and sturdy, pinnacle of tactile sensation

Exclusive three-stage switch

Exclusive three-stage switch
Three states with one button switch