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What You Need to Know about Slimes

by Genshin Fans 11 May 2024

A. What Are the Slimes in Genshin

Slimes are Common Enemies found all around Teyvat, which act like nearly all other Elemental Lifeforms, for they are immune to a specific element that is also applied to them at all times. Due to some reasons, some slimes are larger and stronger than normal ones.
Due to their cuteness and uniqueness in Genshin Impact, the HoYoverse also promoted some merch relating to Slimes, such as the Mini Slime Blind Bag and Slimes Plush

B. How Are Slimes Formed

As Elemental Lifeforms, Slimes are created from condensed elemental energy, so they need the elemental energy to survive and cannot resist elemental bait. They are usually found with their corresponding surrounds, while some can be found with Hilichurls for various purposes.

C. How Many Types of Slimes Are There in Genshin Impact

Genshin Slimes

According to the size of the Slimes, they can be divided into Small Slimes and Large Slimes, which will attack differently. The Small Slimes will attack by bumping into the player, while the large ones have a greater range of attacks.
Both the Small Slimes and the Large Slimes can be categorized according to the element that created them (Anemo, Cyro, Dendro, Electro, Geo, Hydro, and Pyro), and the Large Electro Slime can sometimes turn into Mutant Electro Slime, so there is generally 15 different types of Slimes in Genshin Impact.

D. What Needs Slimes

When Slimes are defeated, they may drop Slime Condensate, Slime Secretions, and Slime Concentrate, which are materials for 8 characters and 22 weapons:
Characters: Itto, Gaming, Lisa, Venti, Xiangling, Xiao, Yaoyao, Zhongli;
Weapons: Amos' Bow, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, Skyward Blade, Skyward Pride, Staff of Homa, Alley Hunter, Favonius Lance, Luxurious Sea-Lord, Mappa Mare, Missive Windspear, Royal Greatsword, Sacrificial Bow, Snow-Tombed Starsilver, Talking Stick, The Black Sword, The Flute, Harbinger of Dawn, Magic Guide, Sharpshooter's Oath, White Iron Greatsword, Old Merc's Pal, Waster Greatsword.

E. How to Defeat Slimes

Since Slimes are elemental lifeforms, using opposite elements can make it easier to defeat them, such as using Pyro Element to attack Cyro Slimes, or using Dendro Element to attack Electro Slimes.
Additionally, there is a weapon that can defeat Slimes more efficiently —— the Black Tassel, which will increase the damage against Slimes by a maximum of 80%.

F. How to Defeat Dendro Slimes

Compared to other Slimes, Dendro Slimes are usually more difficult to defeat because they hide in grassy areas, which makes it hard to spot them even with Elemental Sight. To solve the problem, several suggestions are offered here:
Use Pyro Element to attack the grassy area, and the Dendro Slimes will be burnt and jump out of the ground. They will not attack when burning, and eventually, they will burn off. You can also hold the elemental skills of Jean or Kaedehara Kazuha, which will pull the Dendro Slimes out of the ground
Because of such uniqueness of Dendro Slime in Genshin Impact, there is a merch especially inspired by them: the Dendro Slime Music Humidifier. The green color gives it a feeling of nature, and how Dendro Slimes act in Genshin makes it look cute and rare.

Dendro Slime Humidifier

Dendro Slime Music Humidifier

G. How to Defeat Anemo Slimes and Slime Balloons

When in combat, Anemo Slimes may inflate themselves to attack the player. If they take damage while inflated, they will be defeated instantly. However, they are still immune to Anemo DMG in the inflating state.
Slime Balloons use a Large Anemo Slime to float in the air, but they are not as easy to defeat as the Large Anemo Slimes. Hitting them will not generate energy, but it is still possible to trigger Elemental Reactions or to freeze the balloon, which will slow the balloon down.

H. Something You Might Don't Know: Slime Paradise

Slime Paradise is a web event in Version 1.2, in which the Traveler will purchase decorations with Paradise Coins to adorn the paradise silently emerged in Mondstadt's wilds. Paradise Coins can be earned by completing daily tasks.
Although Slime Paradise is an early event that starts and ends in 2021, it has been enjoying a great population since then, and many players now are still looking forward to an event similar to it. Therefore, HoYoverse promoted some merch about it, including an umbrella, a folder, and a towel.

I. You May Also Want to Ask

1. Can Slimes be used in desserts?

It is said that desserts made from Slimes of different elements will have incredibly distinctive flavors, but there are currently no recipes that use the drops of Slimes. All we know is that Xiangling is fond of using Slimes to make her unique cuisines.
However, they may taste good when used in desserts, because the HoYoverse once promoted a series of merch, with the appearance of Slime desserts: Dessert Party Squishy Plush Toys.

Dessert Slime

 Slime Desserts Plushies

2. How Old Are Slimes

When life arises from the elements, it will either descend and become a slime, or ascend and become a crystalfly. Therefore, we would not have a clear clue of how old a slime is. We don't even know how long it takes for life to form from elements.

3. Why Do Hilichurls Catch Slimes

It seems that the Hilichurls utilize the Slimes for their own use, so they would capture them:
They may use Large Anemo Slimes to operate Air Balloons to carry their cargo;
They may use Slimes in battle, such as the Mitachurls will dig up the ground and throw Slimes to the player, create a wooden shield with a Dendro Slime, or sear their axes with Pyro or Electro Slimes;
Hilichurl Rogues may use Anemo Slimes to float in the air, or Hydro Slimes to launch projectiles before throwing them at the player.

Slimes are ubiquitous in Teyvat but are also mysterious. They may be easy to be defeated, but there are still many problems unsolved about them. Maybe one day, we can explore the secrets of Slimes, which is another step for us to better understand the world of Teyvat.


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