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Arlecchino Merch Update - A Winter Night's Lazzo Series

by Genshin Fans 30 Apr 2024

Dear Travelers, the new event "The Invitation of Balemoon" is about to start at 20:00, May 1, 2024 (GMT+8), at the Genshin official merchandise store!

A Winter Night's Lazzo Merch

The brand new "A Winter Night's Lazzo" Series is coming, with the badges and acrylic sand paintings of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers as well as "The Jester", with a gift set of Polaroid photos. The light pillars on the background of the badges seem to be quite cold, sharp, and luminescent in the light, which offers much more textural quality for the badges.

Arlecchino Tea Cup

New character patterns of Arlecchino, Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet will be added into The Series of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers Theme; the "Dire Balemoon" Arlecchino Impression Afternoon Tea Set is also coming with great elegance, let's enjoy your tea here at the House of the Hearth!

Chiori the Automation Doll Tamato

Additionally, the new merchandise series of Chiori - The Automation Doll Tamato is also coming, more adorable expressions of Tamato are waiting for your discovery!

Yae Miko Fox Drinking Glass

What's more, new acrylic decorations are added to the "Genshin Impression" Series for the travelers who enjoy the cover picture of Version 4.6. You will find more updates, including "Yae Miko Fox Glass", "Genius Invokation TCG Acrylic Phone Support" and "Abyss Mages Series Plush Pendant" in the Genshin official merchandise store!

Abyss Mages Plush