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Scaramouche? Kabukimono? Unravel the Wanderer's Story!

by Genshin Fans 26 Apr 2024

Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal, Everlasting Lord of Arcane Wisdom, Wanderer, Kabukimono, Scaramouche, The Balladeer, these are all names of a puppet. Maybe it is time that we tell his story from the start.

I. Born in Inazuma

Initially designed as a Gnosis-bearing puppet, he was discarded because the tears he shed showed his weakness; he was God's creation that should not have existed, and was laid to rest within the Shakkei Pavilion because of the temporary mercy of Raiden Ei, his creator and mother.
Suddenly by accident, he was rescued by a kind-hearted samurai named Katsuragi. As beautiful a young boy as he looked, he was as naive as a newborn. However, Katsuragi recognized the golden pinion on his person, Plume of Luxury, and knew that this puppet must had his reasons not to mention his place of origin.
"This gold ornament is a proof of identity granted by the Almighty Shogun,"
"But as you travel the world, please bear this in mind,"
"Never to reveal your identity to others"

At the time, he was Kabukimono, the wandering eccentric. He decided to trust Katsuragi and treated him as his family and friend. They forged together in Tatarasuna and played together under the moon. The warmth and enthusiasm of Katsuragi touched Kabukimono but also made him void.
Katsuragi taught him so much, about family, friendship, and Shogun. Kabukimono once believed without doubt that, the world is exactly the same as what is mentioned by Katsuragi, he once believed that everyone is so kind that they deserve to be saved. Katsuragi meant everything to Kabukimono.

Kabukimono and Katsuragi
At the time, Nagasama was busy justifying his own family and went so insane that he misunderstood why Shogun had sent him there. Therefore, Nagasama decided to kill Kabukimono, and he said to him,
"This gold ornament may be a proof of identity granted by the Almighty Shogun,"
"But you are neither man nor mechanism,"
"And so I can only deal with you in this fashion. Do not hold this against me!"
However, Katsuragi heard it all and was horrified. Who could have imagined that his best friend, Kabukimono is not a human? However afraid he was, he still treated him as his friend and family.
Katsuragi contacted the shrine maiden in Tatarasuna, who came to see Kabukimono, and made the promise upon seeing the golden pinion,
"This gold ornament is a proof of identity granted by the Almighty Shogun"
"And she will not abandon you."
"As for me, I shall do my best to send for help immediately..."

Nagasama was insane, however. Despite the prevention of the shrine maiden, he insisted on executing Kabukimono. The weather those days was dark and cloudy, and so was Katsuragi's mood. He thought about nothing but the safety of Kabukimono, so he had no idea what was coming.
The wind went stronger, and the rain heavier. The rainstorm washed Tatarasuna, destroyed the houses, and spread the flood. Thousands of people went to Inazuma City for refuge, and Katsuragi set Kabukimono free in such chaos.
Kabukimono ran along with the citizens, who saw the ornament on him and begged him for help. Their expecting eyes made up his mind that, he would go to Inazuma City, he would find the Almighty Shogun, his creator, and ask her for help.
Kabukimono met a child on the way, who was sick and asked him where he was going. He replied that he had to get to Inazuma City, but the child told him none had returned from there. He smiled and continued his journey.
He did not see Shogun at last, nor did he obtain any help by the ornament. His MOTHER discarded him completely. He went back to Tatarasuna, down spirited. The child was nowhere to be found, probably dead. He walked among the remnants and saw another child who lost his parents.
The child was probably several ages old, and Kabukimono adopted him. because of freemasonry, maybe. He built a simple house away from the crowds and lived by lavender melons. The child viewed Kabukimono as his father and made a figure according to his image. They made a promise to be together forever.
However, Kabukimono himself was just a naive child with several years of experience, how could he take care of others? The child eventually got worse because of living in Tatarasuna long. One day when Kabukimono came back with some lavender melons, he found only a cold corpse, who still held the figure in his hands. He discarded the ornament, burnt the house, and wiped out all the traces of his existence.
Fear, delusion, madness, nothingness, how could a heartless puppet feel pain and sorrow? Kabukimono, walking on the road, heard the news that Katsuragi had been executed by Nagasama and that he had no one to turn to in the world. He went back to the Shakkei Pavilion, helpless and frantic. Whose fault it was, then? The puppet wondered, is it the fault of Raiden Shogun, who had created him but abandoned him, of the inspector, who knew nothing but forging, or of the artisan who, in the pursuit of honor, had allowed the people in Tatarasuna to suffer from sickness and pain?
Darkened Scaramouche

II. Leave for Snezhnaya

The very first member of Fatui, The Jester, Pierro found him and invited him to the organization. When the puppet was asked about his original name, he called himself Kunikuzushi, the name of the character who destroyed Inazuma in an Inazuma opera. The Fatui, however, named him The Balladeer, the Sixth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers.
Under the name of Kunikuzushi, he launched his revenge on the Raiden Gokaden, the Inazuma's famous five bladesmithing practices, who enjoyed their honor because of Tatarasuna. But his revenge stopped halfway because he met the descendant of Katsuragi. Fate was this merciless, he could have expected that. Katsuragi used to love forging, so it made sense for his descendants to become one of the Raiden Gokaden.
So many hearts had the heartless Balladeer seen, that he wanted one of his own. Therefore he decided to go back to Inazuma with La Signora, to retrieve the Gnosis (heart of God), which was supposed to be put inside him.
It was surprising that with only a few tricks he successfully obtained the Gnosis, maybe that's destiny. The Doctor then asked The Balladeer to go to Sumeru with him, without any other members of the Fatui being aware, which also caused the death of La Signora. The Balladeer trusted The Doctor because it was The Doctor who unleashed the power of God inside him.

III. Become God in Sumeru

The Doctor wanted an experiment on humanity, while Sumeru happened to be carrying out the plan to create a God. The physical body of The Balladeer is the most suitable to be a God, so he made use of him. The Balladeer suddenly found that he could dream again, but he didn't know if it was because of the researchers' little trick or the infinitesimal resistance of that bygone heart.
In his dream, another Balladeer said to him, "You once acquired the 'heart' that you always dreamed of, but it was but a mere prop for lies and deception. Now, you will finally obtain what belongs to you, and this false construct of a body can at last aspire to power over the world."
Gnosis was designed at the very beginning to be put inside the puppet, but he was not satisfied by obtaining it and fell into greater obsession and delusion. Becoming a God only amplified his obsession and arrogance. However, if even the Gnosis is lost again, the puppet will no longer be able to feel any emotions, nor will he be able to tell right from wrong.

At the end of the story, the puppet, who claimed himself to be a God in Sumeru, abandoned his past, the name of The Balladeer, and the name of Kunikuzushi, and claimed himself Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal, Everlasting Lord of Arcane Wisdom. However, this country already had a god and ironically, the puppet who was not supposed to dream gained a dream under the influence of the Gnosis and was defeated because of it.
This is the power of fate, although the puppet often claimed to have transcended it, how could he not have been influenced by it in his life? Having lost the Gnosis, the puppet fell downward helplessly, with no emotions and thoughts, as if he had fallen into the Abyss, and was now imprisoned by Lesser Lord Kusanali, Nahida, to whom, the puppet had some qualities that she hadn't even discovered herself, and she wanted to study further.
This is the story of everything the wanderer has done so far.