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Hilichurls: the Beginning or the Ending?

by Genshin Fans 25 Apr 2024

I. Hilichurl

Hilichurl is the name of a family of monsters in Genshin Impact, who look like goblins, and is one of the first enemy types that the player will meet in the game.
All hilichurls wear a large mane, which covers most of their heads, with their ear long and sticking out of the manes. They wear nothing but a loincloth, but their arms and legs are wrapped in bandages. One of the most obvious features is that every hilichurl wears masks, which prevents themselves from seeing their own faces. The color of a hilichurl's skin and mask may vary according to which element is affiliated. Some types of Hilichurls are intelligent enough to use simple tools and slimes to attack.
As one hilichurl survives and grows, they will become larger and bulkier, but how long it takes is still unknown to us. Their social network seems to be reliable because some of them in far distances can be friends. They can live in different environments, and have their own language, just like humans.
The developer and publisher of Genshin Impact, HoYoverse, seems to be very interested in hilichurl family. It has promoted different kinds of merchandise relating to hilichurl, even more than to some of the playable characters:
For example, there is a 1/8 action figure of hilichurls in presell, with eight accessories, twelve joints, and even dialogue boxes;

Hilichurl Action Figure

Hilichurl 1/8 Action Figure

  a set of plush hangable toys with replaceable masks, which uses the images of different kinds of hilichurls, even including the Un usual Hilichurl;

Hilichurl Plush

Hilichurl Plush

and a plush coin purse in two different sizes: one is hilichurl, and the other is Klee's jumpy dumpty. To some extent, maybe HoYoverse treats them exactly the same according to this merchandise.

hilichurl plush coin purse

II. Different kinds of Hilichurls

According to their elements or features, hilichurls can be categorized differently. The article will divide them according to how they attack or react to the player.

  • What are Normal Hilichurls

Normal Hilichurls

This kind of hilichurl is the most normal one, with nothing special, nor do they use tools or weapons.


    • What are Hilichurl Fighters

    Hilichurl Fighters
    This kind of hilichurl uses a wooden club as a weapon. When the weapon is burnt, it will become normal hilichurl.


    • What are Hilichurl Berserkers

    Hilichurl Berserkers
    A berserker holds a burning club, which lets him deal both Physical and Pyro DMG. The club can be distinguished.


    • What are Hilichurl Guards

    Hilichurl Guards
    Hilichurl Guards are armed with a club and shield and deal Physical DMG. According to the difference of the shields, they can be further divided into Ice Shield Hilichurl Guard, Rock Shield Hilichurl Guard, and Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard.


    • What are Hilichurl Grenadiers

    Hilichurl Grenadiers
    This kind of hilichurl can dig slimes from the ground and hurl them to the traveler, and they can be divided intoHilichurl Grenadier (Pyro), Cyro Hilichurl Grenadier, and Electro Hilichurl Grenadier.


      • What are Hilichurl Shooters

      Hilichurl Shooters
      Hilichurl Shooters are hilichurls who use crossbows in battle. According to different elements, they can be further divided into Hilichurl Shooter (Physical), Cyro Hilichurl Shooter, Electro Hilichurl Shooter and Pyro Hilichurl Shooter.


      • What are Samachurls

      These kinds of hilichurls are shamans and spiritual leaders of hilichurl tribes, who mainly cast spells to attack. They may be affiliated by different elements, and can be thereby further categorized into Anemo Samachurl, Cyro Samachurl, Dendro Samachurl, Electro Samachurl, Geo Samachurl, and Hydro Samachurl.
      There is another kind of Samachurl called Mystifying Megachurl, who appeared only during the Journey Through Hilinigmatic Terrain event, so it will not be discussed here.


      • What are Shieldwall Mitachurls

      Shieldwall Mitachurls
      Mitachurls are the most formidable warriors of the Hilichurl tribes, who belong to an elite enemy group. Shieldwall Mitachurls are armed with a big shield, which will protect them from frontal attacks. If the shield is destroyed, the Mitachurl will punch and charge to attack the player. They can be divided further into Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl, Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl, and Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl.


      • What are Axe Mitachurls

      Axe Mitachurls These mitachurls are armed with an axe, if slam a slime into the axe, they can deal Elemental DMG. Axe Mitachurls can be divided into Blazing Axe Mitachurl and Crackling Axe Mitachurl, depending on what slime they use to infuse the axe.
      • What are Lawachurls

      If a mitachurl has accumulated too much element in its body, it may become bigger, stronger, and ferocious. They are called "Lawa" by the rest of the tribe, which means "king" or "chief". Different elements make lawachurls to categorized as Frostarm Lawachurl, Stonehide Lawachurl, and Thunderhelm Lawachurl.
      • What are Hilichurl Rogues

      Hilichurl Rogues
      These hilichurls live alone, but they will also occasionally help other hilichurl groups. It is said that they are more intelligent than common hilichurls. There are now two types of hilichurl rogues, Anemo Hilichurl Rogue and Hydro Hilichurl Rogue.
      • What is the Unusual Hilichurl - Menace of the Mansion

      Unusual Hilichurl
      On the Unusual Hilichurl's mask, there is a Chinese character "伟", which is a reference to the co-founder of miHoYo, Wei Liu (刘伟). In combat, the Unusual Hilichurl will toss items from its box, items referencing miHoYo's previous games: a yellow plushie resembling Bronya's doll Homu, and cabbages resembling mascot Ai-Chan's hair. What's more, the voice of the Unusual Hilichurl is performed by Liu himself.
      • Where is the Unusual Hilichurl

      There are 14 possible locations for the Unusual Hilichurl to show up, 6 in Mondstadt and 8 in Liyue:

      • What Reward Might You Receive from the Unusual Hilichurl

      By defeating the Unusual Hilichurl, the player may obtain 233 Mora, 18 Adventure EXP, and 1-3 Cabbages. What's more, there are 3 Achievements obtainable from it: [...Well, That Was Strange] by defeating the Unusual Hilichurl 1 time/20 times/50 times, which will give the player 5/10/20 Premogems.

      • How does the Unusual Hilichurl Respawn

      Two Unusual Hilichurls spawn every twelve hours, and will not attack the players actively. At any given time, there can only be one Unusual Hilichurl in the player's world. When defeated, it will escape by getting into his briefcase and teleporting to another location among the 14 possible ones. After defeating the second one, a 12-hour cooldown will take place before the next Unusual Hilichurl.

      III. The Mysteries of the Ubiquitous Hilichurls

      Are Hilichurls Khaenri'ahns

      According to Dainsleif, the hilichurls encountered in the Chasm are actually former citizens of Khaenri'ah, and Chlothar Alberich further reveals that those who turned into Hilichurls were not pure-blood Khaenri'ahns.'

      Why do Hilichurls Wear Masks

      The hilichurls wear masks in order not to see their faces from reflective surfaces such as water, because they are afraid to see their true identity as former Khaenri'ahns.

      What Hilichurls Look Like without Masks

      We don't know exactly what it looks like under a hilichurl's mask, but according to a note found outside the entrance to the Ruin Golem's head, Sumeru, the real face of a hilichurl might be horrifying.

       (These seem to be old notes. The paper is wet and tattered, and when you flip to the back page, the handwriting there is even more of a maze.)
      ...This strange illness has plagued me ever since I entered the desert. At first, it was just peeling skin, and then I began to develop necrosis on all four limbs, till my work became hampered...
      ...This pestilence has marred my appearance to the point where even my colleagues who send me food have begun to look at me with strange, even terrified eyes, as if there was some indecipherable horror behind my swaddling bandages...
      ...I had a most terrifying dream. There, I entered an underground city far beneath even the land from which I came. There, I saw my deceased parents and all my friends, whom I lost in that cataclysm. Their faces, too, had melted to the point where no humanity might be glimpsed in them, but I knew for sure that it was them I saw...
      ...The curse... inescapable... but... we will be reunited...


      How to Communicate with Hilichurls with Their Language

      Hilichurls speak Hilichurlian, a special languzge spoken only between hilichurls, which is not well-understood in Teyvat, because few people are interested in it. However, there is an NPC in Mondstadt's library. Ella Musk, who introduces herself as a professor of Hilichurlian Linguistics specializing in "applied grammar for vernacular Hilichurlian".
      By researching Hilichurlian, some of the common words are well understood.

      Hilichurlian English Notes
      mosi to eat
      mita meat has positive connotations
      gusha vegetables has negative connotations
      muhe like, want
      da/dada good/very good, affirmation, very(emphasis) can be used as praise
      olah hello
      Du ya zido dala? Where did this thing go?


      What is the Strongest Type of Hilichurl

      The strongest type of hilichurl should be the lawachurl. They are bigger, stronger, and absolutely ferocious compared to mitachurls and hilichurls. They are mutated mitachurls that stand atop the hilichurl hierarchy. The adventurers encounter these gigantic creatures very rarely. Even the most experienced adventurers would think twice before stepping into its area.

      IV. Conclusion

      It is fair to say that the Hilichurl is one of the most ubiquitous and popular monsters in Genshin Impact, no wonder why HoYoverse has been promoting different merchandise relating to them. Many of the problems about the Hilichurls are still unsolved, wish we could figure them out during our adventures in the future.


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