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What You Need to Know about Arlecchino

by Genshin Fans 25 Apr 2024
Genshin 4.6

With Version 4.6 of Genshin Impact coming, the playable Pyro character [Dire Balemoon] Arlecchino is now available. Here's what you need to know about the story of Arlecchino.

Who is Arlecchino?


Arlecchino, codename "The Knave", is the Fourth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, as well as the current director of the House of the Hearth, the member of which would address her as "Father", and she would call them her "children".
According to what is now officially revealed, Arlecchino was once a member of the House of Hearth, under her real name Peruere, when the director at that time was Crucabena, whom the other children would call "Mother". Because Peruere bears an unknown power, she proved to be the best among all and eventually killed Crucabena, who was also The Knave of the Fatui. The Fatui, to her surprise, accepted her to take the place of The Knave as well as the director of the House of the Hearth.

What is the House of the Hearth?

House of the Hearth


The House of the Hearth is an orphanage run by "The Knave" of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, who is currently Arlecchino. The orphans accepted into this house are often raised directly into the rank of Fatui or remain closely affiliated with the organization.
The organization was set up by the previous Knave who, as mentioned above, called Crucabena. The orphans here are gathered from all over Teyvat. After the children grow up, some of them may be enlisted in the Fatui, dispatched to other nations, and wait for orders.
Besides Arlecchino, there are some other members that we are familiar with: Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet.

Who is Lyney?

Lyney Genshin

Lyney is a playable Pneuma-aligned Pyro character, whose identity is also Fontaine's Great Magician. He is also Lynette's twin brother and both of them were saved by Arlecchino after their parents' death and have been living in the House of the Hearth.
He appears to be very easygoing and friendly, but he is actually said to be much more silent when he is alone with his sister Lynette. As the eldest brother, he cares greatly for his siblings. Behind those cheerful appearances, Lyney actually has a traumatic past with his sister, but they finally overcame it and now remain good relationship.

Who is Lynette?

Lynette Genshin

Lynette is a playable Ousia-aligned Anemo character, who is often quiet and emotionless and plays the role of the assistant in the magic shows of his twin brother, Lyney. What features her most is that she has cat-like ears and a cat tail.
She is the most reserved one, compared to her siblings Lyney and Freminet. She often prefers not to speak, but when she needs to, she will speak as briefly and frankly as possible. Lyney is fond of making and drinking tea, but because her tongue is very sensitive, she has to wait until the tea is cooled.

Lynette Tea Cup Set

lynette tea cup


Who is Freminet?

Freminet Genshin

Freminet is a playable Pneuma-aligned Cyro character, who is professional as a diver. He prefers to stay out of the crowd or the spotlight, although he is one of the best divers in Fontaine. He enjoys carrying out orders and finding peace under the water of Fontaine.
Freminet has a mechanical penguin called Pers, who he hopes will fly one day with some modification. He also loves his diving helmet, which allows him to get rid of the noises from the outside and makes him feel safe, even after he acquired the Vision and would not need it to dive.

Freminet Pers

Are There Other Members in the House of the Hearth?

There are four playable characters belonging to the House of the Hearth so far, Arlecchino, Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet. There are many other members in the House of the Hearth, but they all appear as NPCs in Teyvat.

What Happened to Arlecchino?

Since Arlecchino was young, she was cursed by something unknown, which also gave her great power and blackened the skin of her hands and forearms. When she was raised in the House of the Hearth, she was named Peruere. Peruere used to have a good relationship with Clervie, the biological daughter of Crucabena, previous director of the House of the Hearth and former "Knave" of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. However, Crucabena frequently pits the orphans here against each other, to find the best one of them.
When Peruere was grown up, she had to kill her best friend Clervie, and then started her vengeance on Crucabena, and finally killed her with the power of a curse inside her. She was then imprisoned for killing a Harbinger, but was eventually pardoned by Tsaritsa, and inherited the name "Arlecchino", "The Knave", and became the current director of the House of the Hearth.

How Old is Arlecchino?

There is no clear evidence about the exact age of Arlecchino, but as what was speculated, Arlecchino was no more than twenty when she became "The Knave", so she is now in her thirties.

Why is Arlecchino called the Knave?

"The Knave" is the name of the Fourth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. After killing the former The Knave Crucabena, Arlecchino (named Peruere at that time) inherited the name of "The Knave".

Is Arlecchino a Girl and Why is She Called "Father"

Arlecchino is a female. Why she is called Father is not clear yet, but maybe it is because she wanted to be a strict leader to the children in the House of the Hearth.

Is Arlecchino Worth Pulling?

Arlecchino can be considered the most useful character who deals Pyro DMG. However, C1 or C2 Arlecchino is more recommended.

Are There Any Merchs about Arlecchino?

The merch of Arlecchino is not that much, since she is the latest character. The merch currently available includes the Character Rectangle Badge and Character Acrylic Charms, the links will be attached below.

QQ Music x Genshin Impact Arlecchino Emberfire Acrylic Ornament NFC Card Set
Arlecchino Impression Tea Cup Set
Arlecchino Acrylic Charm


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