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Things You Must Know about Figures

by Genshin Fans 19 Apr 2024

A Figure, or a Model Figure is a scale model representing a human, monster, or other creature. They are sold both as kits for the enthusiast to construct and paint and as pre-built, pre-painted collectible figurines. Thanks to the animation culture in Japan, figures are becoming more and more popular, and more industries and companies are introducing figures of their own, especially the mobile game industry, which is easy to get access to. Genshin Impact, a famous Chinese mobile game, is one of the great examples, which has been popular since its release on April 28, 2020, and so has its figure market: there are approximately 116,000,000 results for the keyword "Genshin Figure" on Google.

Genshin Impact Figure

According to the difference in function and material, figures can be separated into Nendoroid figure, action figure, PVC figure, blind box figure, GK figure, and prize figure.


What are the different types of figures?


1.  What is nendoroid figure?

Nendoroid figure was originally a brand of plastic figures created by the Japanese Good Smile Company in 2006, which typically depict characters from anime, manga, or video games and are designed with a large head and smaller body to give them a cute appearance. It may now refer to all the figures with such an appearance.


Lumine Nendoroid Action Figure


The Genshin Impact Travelers Nendoroid Action Figure is a good example of a Nendoroid figure, which is approximately 100mm high, made from PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) by Good Smile Company, with a large head and a smaller body.

2. What is action figure?

An action figure is a poseable character model figure made most commonly of plastic. This figure was designed originally for boys but has now gained widespread acceptance as a collector item for adults.
A common feature among action figures is their body articulation, which is often referred to as points of articulation (POA) or joints. Most basically, the forms of articulation include one neck joint, two shoulder joints, and two hip joints; rotating wrists, bending knees, and a swiveling waist are also common beyond these. What's more, additional accessories are also important for the figures as interactive toys.

Figma Mona Figure

The Figma Mona Mirror Reflection of Doom Ver. Action Figure is a typical action figure, which has 11 joints and 8 accessories for the purchaser to interact with or switch the postures of it.

3. What is PVC figure?

A PVC figure is made of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), a material that is similar to rubber. Because of its simple manufacture, low cost and easy ductility, which allows it not to break when twisting or bending, nearly 90% of the Anime Figures sold are created with this material.

Ayaka Figure

The Kamisato Ayaka Frostflake Heron Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure in pre-sale is made with PVC and ABS, but unlike the Mona Figure above, there are no points of articulation on the figure, so it can only be classified as a PVC figure.

4. What is blind box figure?

A blind box is a sales method that keeps the collectible toy as a mystery until it is opened, which typically comes in a series that shows a collection, with some of the figures rarer to find than others. Such rare figures are often called "secret", "hidden" or "chase" figures.

paimon food theme blind box
The picture above shows a series of blind box figures, Genshin Impact Paimon Food Theme Blind Box Figure. The series contains six different kinds of Paimon figures, but there are no "hidden" figures in it.

5. What is GK figure?

GK figure refers to Garage Kit, also known as resin kit, an assembly scale model kit most commonly cast in polyurethane resin. GK figures were originally amateur-produced, and the term originated with dedicated hobbyists using their garages as workshops. (as the market expanded, professional companies began making similar kits) Because of its labor-intensive casting process, GK figures are usually produced in limited numbers and are more expensive than other figures.

Yelan Statue

Take the Genshin Impact Yelan GK Figure as an example, it was created not by a Genshin Impact official, but by an amateur studio called 龍 studio. Therefore, the appearance of this figure is more creative than the official one.

6. What is prize figure?

Prize figures are mostly awarded in something like a claw or gashapon machine, so the price of a prize figure will be lower than the other figures, same will the quality be. Some co-branded figures that can only be obtained by purchasing the products of another brand can also be called prize figures.

In mainland China, there are sometimes cooperations between Genshin Impact and other companies, for example, PizzaHut. In such cases, several not-for-sale products are available for the purchasers. These products are not scale models representing a human, monster or other creature, so they can't be called prize figures, but they are also "prizes".

How to preserve a figure?

For the best preservation, you should store your figures in their original boxes and stack them in a plastic (or sturdy cardboard) container, and place bubble wrap between the layers for extra protection. However, many may prefer to take the figures out of the box for a better view. In such cases, you should always keep your figures in a room temperature, dry space without direct sunlight, and dust and clean them regularly. You can also use some special figure storage solutions, such as transparent boxes, for additional protection.

How to purchase official figures?

  • Take Genshin Impact figures as an example, they have an official online store selling their figures, which is called 米游铺 ( However, the website is in no other language but Chinese, and it doesn't provide service for customers not in mainland China.
  • Besides mainland China, there are sometimes pop-up stores with official merchandise, which is announced on The most recent pop-up store will appear in Santa Monica, California, between April 24-28, 2024 (10:00 - 20:00). The exact address will be 395 Santa Monica Place, #146 Santa Monica, CA, 90401.
  • You can also purchase the official merchandise on a credible agent website,, which will simplify your purchasing experience by assisting you in purchasing and handling related matters including export, transportation, and after-sales support.
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