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How is the Song La Vaguelette?

by Genshin Fans 19 Apr 2024

The song La vaguelette was featured in Furina's Story Quest, "The Little Oceanid" in the game Genshin Impact, and was performed by French actress and singer Cécilia Cara.

La vaguelette

"The Little Oceanid" is the first act of Furina's Story Quest, during which the Traveler helps a troupe who is struggling to get back to the stage. Furina, who just got through Fontaine's crisis, is also dragged into the event, in which the Traveler eventually cheers her back up.

It is fair to say, that "The Little Oceanid" finally gives Furina a chance to play the role that she likes, instead of the role she has to. The event also allows Furina to get back to the stage and the public. She is no longer the Hydro Archon, relieved from the prophecy regarding Fontaine, and will be whatever she wants to be —— an actress.

During the quest This Life, Just Like a Light Trickle Song in her Story Quest, Furina performed perfectly her role and sang the song La Vaguelette, which was composed by Dimeng Yuan of HOYO-MIX, written by Hani, Hsiang Liu, and Bao, and performed by Cécilia Cara. When the HOYO-MIX team was producing the song, Cécilia Cara happened to be on tour in China for the French musical Romeo and Juliet, in which she plays the role of Juliet. The team first contacted her just for a try, but they chimed in easily.

This is the second vocal song that HOYO-MIX made, the first being Divine Damsel of Devastation. To be more narrative, La Vaguelette starts as a musical, duet and soprano are also added into the refrain, which makes the song more romantic and gorgeous.

The beautiful singing by Cécilia Cara and the touching melody, illustrate the loneliness that Furina has tolerated for over five hundred years; the duet in the refrain, sounds as if the struggle inside the character, which makes the song, as well as the story, more moving and more tragic.

La Vaguelette not only introduces the story of Furina but also impresses the audience with the unique charm of a musical. To encourage more performance and discussion, HOYO-MIX invited many famous singers to perform La Vaguelette in Chinese, English, and French. Many netizens also took part in the performance from video websites including BiliBIli and YouTube, some even started to teach French or popularize knowledge regarding musicals.

In response to such a population, Genshin Impact promoted an official product for all La Vaguelette lovers. The Genshin Impact X QQ Music Furina La Vaguelette Acrylic Commemorative Ticket Ornament features a built-in NFC music chip. Once you put your smartphone near it, you can launch the "QQ Music" application (mostly Chinese market only though) and start to play the song La Vaguelette. For overseas customers, you can visit or click the link in the reference part to purchase.

Furina La vaguelette Acrylic Commemorative Ticket Ornament

To those who would like to know more about La Vaguelette, the lyrics in both English and French are attached below.


French English

Ah, si je pouvais vivre dans l'eau

le monde serait-il plus beau?

Nous pardonneras-tu, ô chère mère ?

L'eau dans son courant fait danser nos vies

Et la cité, elle nourrit

Ainsi que toi, mon doux amour

Non, le grand amour ne suffit pas

Seul un adieu fleurira

C'est notre histoire de vie, douce et amère

Moi, je suis et serai toujours là

à voir le monde et sa beauté

Et ça ne changera jamais, jamais...

If I could only return to the water's embrace

Wouldn't the world be a lovelier place?

Dear mother, would you be able to forgive

As the dancing water flows, so too we could live

The city it would nourish

And you too, my dear, would flourish

But love alone could be to no avail

Only farewell, I fear, would prevail

Thus are our lives filled with joy and sorrow

I'll be here always, forever and tomorrow

To behold the world's undying beauty

And that shall live on in perpetuity...