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Conclusion of Version 4.6 Special Program

by Genshin Fans 12 Apr 2024

The Version 4.6 Special Program was released on 2024/04/12 at 08:00 AM (UTC-4), with juicy details about new game content and developments in the coming new version.

1. New Trailer: "Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades"

Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades


2. New Character


"Dire Balemoon" Arlecchino
"The Knave", Fourth of the Fatui Harbingers. A Poised, ruthless diplomat. To the children in the House of the Hearth, she is their feared yet dependable "Father".

3. Event Wish Preview

Phase 1: Boosted Drop Rate for "Dire Balemoon" Arlecchino (Pyro) and "Spectacle of Phantasmagoria" Lyney (Pyro)
Phase 2: Boosted Drop Rate for "Enos Adrift" Wanderer (Anemo) and "Beyond Mortality" Baizhu (Dendro)

"Dire Balemoon" Arlecchino (Pyro) and "Spectacle of Phantasmagoria" Lyney (Pyro)
" Wanderer (Anemo) and "Beyond Mortality" Baizhu (Dendro)

4. New Weapon and New Artifacts

New Weapon:
Crimson Moon's Semblance (Polearm)

Crimson Moon's Semblance
A keen-edged weapon, luster dazzling as the crimson moon. It is said that an ancient dynasty once regarded it as a ritual object that could bridge two worlds, but none still remember the beliefs and ceremonies of that bygone age.
New Artifacts:
Unfinished Reverie
Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy

5. New Enemies

"The Knave"
The Knave
Statue of Marble and Brass
Statue of Marble and Brass

6. New Events

Iridescent Arataki Rockin' for Life Tour de Force of Awesomeness

On a certain day, you and Paimon receive an invitation sent by one Arataki Itto, inviting you to take part in an event. Spurred onward by the unbridled within, you embark on a journey to Watatsumi Island...
Specially-Shaped Saurian Search
Specially-Shaped Saurian Search
One day, you and Paimon receive a mysterious commission from the Adventurer's Guild: "Protagonist Wanted". You set off on a new journey, searching for wondrous companions...
Windtrace: Seekers and Strategy
Windtrace: Seekers and Strategy
The game that passes down Mondstadt's history, Windtrace, is open once more in a new form! Play as the resisting Rebels and evade capture by the Hunter sent by the aristocracy by competing against one another in the Contested Zones until the hour of the hunt ends and obtain Windtrace Coins during the game to earn various rewards.
Vibro-Crystal Applications
Vibro-Crystal Applications
Tow engineers from Fontaine have arrived at the outskirts of The Chasm to develop economically viable products on the basis of Vibro-Crystal theory, and thus have decided that they require more data on the harmonic resonance between these "vibro-Crystals". Connect Transmitter and Receiver Crystals to try out the various harmonic responses produced and defeat your enemies with ease.

7. New Areas

Sea of Bygone Eras

Sea of Bygone Eras
Nostoi Region
Nostoi Region
The wide waters that lie south of the Great Terrestrial Lake were also once an integral part of that high sea. Beneath the abyssal depths untouched by sunlight, the first of dreams and hopes lie buried. The long-forgotten symphony sounds once more amidst the stronghold of dimmed glories and the sea-sunken ruins. A new chapter in a tale long-ended is about to be written...

8. Other Optimazations and Adjustments