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Something You Don't Know about Klee

by Genshin Fans 17 May 2024
Klee Genshin

Klee is a playable Pyro character in Genshin Impact. As the second earliest 5-star limited playable character in Genshin (right after the first one, Venti), Klee gets nearly the most events and is always the key for us to travel to the next nation. Some of the players even call her in jest, "the daughter of MiHoYo". In addition, MiHoYo also promoted many Klee merch, including apparel, badges, figures, toys, and so on.

When the Traveler first met Klee, she was said to be the "strongest fighter in Mondstadt". The Traveler goes to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters to ask Jean about the strongest fighter in Mondstadt, and after leaving the office, the Traveler will meet Klee, and help her find the treasure she buried in the Whispering Woods. Since then, the Traveler became one of the best friends of Klee, who will call the Traveler (Mr./Miss) Honorary Knight.

The story is involved in Klee's Story Quest: Trifolium Chapter, during which the Traveler started a good relationship with Klee, and figured out the mysterious identity of Klee.

Klee views the Knights of Favonius as her family, but her biggest role model is still her birth mother, the avid adventurer Alice. Alice is the author of the famous Teyvat Travel Guide and is also an elder within the Hexenzirkel. She is a polymath who knows a lot about alchemy, astrology, engineering, magic, and medicine. Alice has so immense a magical prowess that Albedo called her a "near-omnipotent sorceress". She touts a commendable number of skills and contributions to Teyvat, which includes but is not limited to Astrology, Alchemy, Creating puzzles and Hydro Barriers throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago, Explosives-crafting such as creating Dodoco which is quite explosive and she told Klee how to make it, inventing a phonograph, inventing the Temari game, Potion-connecting, Testing various scientific endeavors and engineering projects, and inventing a long-distance instant communication device.

Since the start of Genshin Impact, every summer, the Traveler will take Klee on a "summer vacation" in a limited-time area. In 2021 and 2022 it was Golden Apple Archipelago, and in 2023 it was the bottle domain.

The event in 2021 is the Midsummer Island Adventure, the trip started because Klee receives a letter from the mysterious Dodo-King who threatens in the letter to take Dodoco away. In the event, many Mondstadt characters showed up, including Albedo, Barbara, Jean, Kaeya, Venti, Diluc, Razor, and Lisa. Eventually, it turns out that the mysterious Dodo-King is actually Alice, Klee's mother. The pirate ship and the boats from Inazuma there hints about the next nation, Inazuma.

In 2022, the Summertime Odyssey event took us back to the Golden Apple Archipelago, because Fischl received an important missive and departed with everyone in town to begin another marvelous sojourn. In the event, we learned about the illusions which in turn are dreams, and the voice that guided us and hijacked Alice's phone is actually from Nahida thus hints about Sumeru.

The 2023 summer event is called Secret Summer Paradise, during which the Traveler and Paimon were asked by Jean to help out with an issue and arrived at the Knights of Favonius Headquarters and Found Jean, Klee, and Kaeya. This event involved Collei, Eula, Jean, Kaeya, Klee, and Sangonomiya Kokomi, and the story told us some information about Fontaine.

Besides all this information, many players are still curious about Klee, and they have all kinds of questions about Klee waiting to be solved:

How old is Klee actually?

There is no clear statement about Klee's age, but we can tell from her appearance of her that, she is around eight to ten years old (at least her mental age). However, since Alice and Klee are both of a race blessed with longevity (maybe "elves"), her actual age may be larger than her appearance.

Are Klee and Albedo actually siblings?

No. Klee is the daughter of Alice, while Albedo is the apprentice and creation of the alchemist Rhinedottir, another member of the Hexenzirkel. Albedo considers Klee as his younger sister and takes care of her with the Knight of Favonius, and also takes care of Klee's "remedying disasters", but they do not have a kinship.

What does Klee call Jean?

Klee calls Jean as "Master Jean" because Jean is the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius and Klee is the Spark Knight of the Knights of Favonius.

What does Klee call her bomb?

Her bomb is called "Jumpy Dumpty".

What species is Klee?/ Why does Klee have pointy ears?

Same as her mother Alice, Klee is also not mortal, but a race that was blessed with longevity and pointy ears, but the details of her race are still not given in Genshin.

Is Klee the cutest character?

Whether she is the cutest character is a very subjective question, but Klee really enjoys the great popularity of her loveliness.

Summer is coming, and so is our next trip with little Klee! How cute will Klee behave? What other mysteries will be solved? Let's wait and see!

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