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3C Products of Genshin Impact Coming Soon!

by Genshin Fans 18 May 2024

Dear Travelers, the official merchandise store of Genshin Impact will update three 3C (computer, communication, and consumer electronics) products, let's find out which travel partner you will meet!

"Come forth, frost and ice." The Ice Lotus of Ganyu can help you cool the summer.

Ganyu Plenilune Gaze

"Lightning, that too is Eternity!" With Raiden Shogun regenerating Elemental Energy for you, your travel will be much happier.

Plane of Euthymia-Raiden Shogun

"Thunder, the beauty of transience!" When Yae Miko releases the power of thunder, no enemies of the Grand Narukami Shrine could survive.

Yae Miko Astute Amusement


Which products will be launched this time? Please stay tuned for upcoming listings and let's look forward to it together!

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