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Exposure of the True Identity of Guoba

by Genshin Fans 16 Jan 2024

As is well known, Liyue is a land where adepti and gods roam freely, where even a random fisherman could be a hidden adeptus. Therefore, it's not difficult to understand that Xiangling's pet, Guoba, actually embodies the God of the Stove, Marchosius.

cute guoba

In the Moonlight Merriment event featuring Keqing and Xiangling, the mystery surrounding Guoba's origins is revealed. Previously, everyone knew that Xiangling found him in the mountains, but Guoba's background is far more significant. He is a God, a friend of Zhongli, and a towering figure. During times of adversity in Liyue, he joined other adeptus to help people overcome difficulties. Afterwards, he personally took on the task of assisting ordinary folks with cooking fires. Henceforth, he came to be known as the God of the Stove.


During the centuries of calamities in Liyue, Guoba infused his power into the earth to resist disasters, causing him to weaken and shrink in size, eventually falling asleep in a temple in the mountains. Many years later, the amnesic Guoba awakened and was drawn to the delicious food made by Xiangling, thereafter following her. Due to her fondness for Guoba's cooking, she named the forgetful Marchosius Guoba .

In the Moonlight Merriment storyline, the adorable Guoba has garnered a large fan base, with many fans desiring a Guoba plush , cute and soft.

Guoba not only runs around everywhere but also talks, and he's just as greedy. While Xiangling and the Traveler are talking, Guoba flips outside the door, just like Diluc's E Skill, which amused many players. During Xiangling and Keqing's conversation, Guoba secretly eats all of Keqing's favorite Golden Shrimp Balls, leaving none behind. Truly, he lives up to his reputation as a greedy character, just like Paimon! Moreover, when the Traveler and Xiangling head to Bubu Pharmacy, Guoba not only chats with the surrounding NPCs but also runs around to look at the objects on the walls and tables, as if he's already the owner of Bubu Pharmacy. He's just too adorable!

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Guoba emoji
Guoba emoji
Guoba emoji
Guoba emoji
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