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Ganyu Impression Series will soon be available for sale!

by Genshin Fans 01 Feb 2024

Ganyu Impression Series Cloting

Great news for Ganyu fans! The official Genshin Impact release of the brand new Ganyu Theme Impression Series Merchandise is now available.

This themed collection brings a total of 3 clothing items, 3 series of accessories, and 1 daily necessity, including: knitted cardigan, mock neck sweater, jeans, crossbody bag, folding fan, necklace, and metal bookmark.

Ganyu Theme Impression Series Merchandise


The knitted cardigan is available in light and dark colors, with a gradient lattice design with clear cowl buttons, and delicate character element embroidery inscribed at the heart.

Ganyu knitted cardigan

The mock neck sweater comes in white and black, with a detachable necklace resembling Ganyu's neck ornament, enriching the layering of the outfit.

Ganyu Mock Neck Sweater

The accessories are also full of details, Whether it's the appliquéd embroidered kirin on the lambswool crossbody bag, the auspicious clouds and flying birds adorning the fan surface, or the delicate hollowing and contrasting beading of the metal bookmark, each is unique and dynamic, evoking the auspiciousness of Liyue.

Ganyu Impression Necklace, Bookmark and Fan