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Genshin Impact Keqing Keyboard

by Genshin Fans 21 Feb 2024


Introduction to Keqing

Keqing, a highly acclaimed 5-star Electro character in the game Genshin Impact, is one of the seven stars of Liyue, known as the Yuheng Star, entrusted with the crucial mission of overseeing land and construction. Coming from a prestigious background, she possesses a reserved yet earnest demeanor, harboring strong senses of justice and duty. Beyond capturing players' affection within the game, Keqing's charm extends to her merchandise.

keqing merchandise

These merchandise include adorable Keqing plush toys and indispensable badges. as well as the highly anticipated Keqing OnePlus smartphone, which fans can look forward to. Of particular note is the Keqing mechanical keyboard officially released by Genshin Impact. This keyboard reflects Keqing's image and unique characteristics in its design, featuring Keqing's signature color schemes, pattern designs, or even creative elements inspired by her thunder element. It provides players with a profound sense of immersion into the game world.

Next, let's briefly introduce this highly anticipated keyboard from several aspects.

This keyboard is a high-cost-performance product launched by miHoYo in collaboration with AKKO. AKKO is a leading keyboard manufacturer in China, specializing in mechanical keyboards and producing accessories such as keycaps, switches, and mice. Currently, AKKO has released multiple keyboards in collaboration with well-known IPs such as Doraemon, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Hello Kitty. The Keqing keyboard launched in collaboration with Genshin Impact integrates AKKO's characteristics, boasting excellent design and outstanding cost-performance ratio.


The Keqing Driving Thunder Mechanical Keyboard uses TTC esports edition hot-swappable switch sockets, allowing for easy and casual switch replacement, ensuring greater solidity and stability. There are 3 types of switches available:

  1. TTC Gold Powder Shaft Guide Light Column Version (suitable for office typing and other scenarios, with a gentle touch, stable axis, and comfortable use);
  2. TTC Quick Silver Shaft (suitable for entertainment gaming and other scenarios, with crisp keystroke sound, refreshing touch, quick trigger to prevent misoperation, stable and reliable);
  3. TTC Silent Moon White Shaft (suitable for quiet study and other scenarios, with a base-mounted elastic body, greatly reducing key collision noise).


Featuring JDA high-profile spherical keycaps, utilizing five-sided sublimation printing technology, ensuring clear patterns that are resistant to fading. In addition to the original keys, each keyboard set also includes special replacement keys, allowing travelers to personalize according to their preferences.


The keyboard comes with default purple lighting, supporting RGB colorful lighting effects, providing you with an extraordinary gaming experience.