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Genshin Impact Gorou Inuzaka Doggy Night Light Power Bank Set

by Genshin Fans 04 Jan 2024

A three-in-one multifunctional charging kit, Genshin Impact officially launches the Gorou Inuzaka Doggy Night Light Power Bank Set

The official Genshin Impact has launched the Gorou Inuzaka Doggy Night Light Power Bank, which combines a wireless charger, power bank, and night light all in one, catering to the characters while also offering high practicality.


The Gorou Doggy Night Light Power Bank consists of two parts: a wireless charging base and a power bank, featuring the character Gorou from Watatsumi Island as the design element. The power bank is designed in the form of a small dog, while the base adopts the style of Gorou's elemental skill from the game, where the geo element smashes into the ground and generates a large flag. The glowing flag on the base is a faithful reproduction of the elemental skill.

The transparent frosted flag is hung on the upright pole of the base. Users can set it by pressing the light control button on the base, offering four modes: off, low brightness, medium brightness, and high brightness, which can be used as a night light.

Gorou Inuzaka Doggy Power Bank

The base has built-in wireless charging coil, and the base tray has four recessed positions that correspond to the four feet of the Inuzaka Doggy power bank, which are used for positioning and fixing. so that the power bank can recharge through the wireless charging of the base. Additionally, the base can also be used directly to charge devices such as iPhones that support wireless charging.

Gorou Inuzaka Doggy Power Bank

The built-in battery pack capacity of 9600mAh/36Wh can be carried directly on planes, trains, subways and other means of transportation, to meet the phone's battery life needs for a day out. Butt position is USB-C bidirectional charging interface, support 5V2.1A input and output, and with four power indicator, the bottom supports wireless charging input, charging treasure supplement power more convenient.