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Nahida's Fairy Tale Story Of Scaramouche

by Genshin Fans 12 Jan 2024

There once was a lone monster draped in fox fur. The monster found a family of foxes, joined them, and they became friends. The monster lived with the family, day and night, and everyone treated it as one of their own.

Nahida Fairy Tale Story

Once in a while, the monster would take off its fox fur at night, and lament to itself as it gazed at its reflection in the water: I am a monstrosity, yet they are too foolish to see it... I pity them.

Scaramouche Cat tale

But the monster soon found solace when another came to live among the foxes who was not their kin: a kitten, carved from the wood of a white tree,who had been abandoned by the humans.

The kitten, too, wished to become a fox, but its tail was too slender and it could not grow a coat of richly colored fur. Yet when the other foxes saw this, they spoke words of comfort to the kitten: Even without a tail and fur tike ours, you are still one of us.

Furious at this happy resolution, the monster lit a fire on the mountain. The terrified animals panicked as the fire spread. The only way to extinguish the flames was to make a sacrifice.

A gray fox stood up and addressed the monster. It said: You are the cleverest
among us. Surely you can help us find a way to solve this.

The monster smiled, led the fox toward the fire... and murdered it. The gray fox's heart was turned into a beautiful drop of water, clear, spotless,and pure.

The monster gave the heart of water to the kitten, telling him: The foxes have decided. You are the one who must be sacrificed. Take this, quench the flames, and die for your fox kin.

The fire was extinguished, but the kitten lived. It left that side of the mountain and found a little bird who had a broken wing.

The two promised they would spend their whole lives together, but the little bird did not have long left to live. It passed away soon after. After burying the bird, the kitten left the mountain for good.

...Never again would it cherish a single creature, nor a single blade of grass that stood on that mountain. The kitten spent the nights wandering aimlessly, gnashing its teeth at the moon.

How it wished to swallow the moon and devour the moonlight. If the world could only return to darkness, then it would finally be peaceful and content.

I will become the new moon, the answer to everything. Then, no one will know that there were once birds, foxes, and cats in this world. And no one can know that they were different.

Nahida recorded the Scaramouche's experiences through a fairy tale. In this tale, the monster cloaked in wild fox fur disguises itself as Dr. Esher, the small cat carved from white wood represents Scaramouche as a puppet in its early, blank state, the gray fox is Danhua, the fox group symbolizes the people from Tabei Sha, the little bird with broken wings signifies the short-lived child encountered by Scaramouche, and the moon represents the Seven Archons

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