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Klee's good friend Dodoco

by Genshin Fans 08 Mar 2024


Do you wanna come fish blasting with klee? Klee, the adorable little sprite loved by everyone, is the daughter of Alice, a great adventurer and author of the Teyvat Travel Guide. Klee's parents entrusted their precious daughter to the Knights of Favonius in Mondstadt three years before the main timeline. Klee's mother, Alice, is a very mysterious figure who introduced the term idol to Barbara and is a great witch. She personally made Dodoco and gave it to Klee, making it Klee's first and closest friend.

There are three details about Klee that are worth noting : Dodoco, her identity as a sprite, and the four-leaf clover. Today, let's explore Dodoco's story.

Dodoco - meaning Klee's best friend. Travelers, please stop referring to Dodoco as the doll hanging on the backpack!

Look, a special dodoco plush toy!

Golden Apple Archipelago

Legend has it that there is a distant sea of mist, and in the center of the sea lies a group of islands called the Golden Apple Archipelago. The peaceful and adorable Dodoco tribe lives on many islands of this archipelago, leading a carefree life together.

The Dodoco tribe is kind and mischievous, enjoying teasing each other and playing together, never experiencing boredom or sadness.

Dodoco! They all call each other like this, meaning best friends!

Just as dandelion seeds always leave the embrace of their stems and drift with the wind, every Dodoco will one day ride the wind and currents, venturing into a wider world to search for a four-leaf clover.

Why do they do this?

It's because, after living on the Golden Apple Archipelago for a long time, Dodocos start to not recognize each other—they all become exactly the same Dodoco, so how can there be a you and me anymore! Only the fiery red four-leaf clover can help them understand what a true Dodoco is, so they can distinguish each other and freely play with their companions.

So, in order to understand what a Dodoco truly is, they will leave their current good friends and go to distant places, make new friends, become their Dodoco,their best friends!

Together, they explore more scenery, experiment with more interesting ideas, and meet more companions... And finally, as they gaze back at themselves in the eyes of their friends, at a moment no one could have expected— that four-leaf clover will make its dazzling appearance with sparkling sparks!

So, when a furry Dodoco rolls from the Golden Apple Archipelago into the sea, or leaps into the wind all at once, drifting away into the distance, there will be a lucky child reunited with their best friend. This precious little book, gifted by the freest mother in the world to the luckiest daughter in the world, records countless adventures Dodoco experienced before meeting her; and the adventures filled with sparks, treasures, and companions that they anticipated after meeting her!

This is an entry from Alice's diary, where she wrote a fairy tale story about the furry Dodoco. Additionally, there's a Dodoco Tales , recounting some innocent adventure tales. Now, it has become a limited four-star weapon with quite decent attributes, perfectly suited for Klee!

Do you also like fluffy things like Klee? For example, Dodoco and Jumpy Dumpty plush. If you do, bring them home with you!

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