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What makes the OnePlus Ace 3 Keqing Custom Edition stand out?

by Genshin Fans 29 Feb 2024
OnePlus Ace 3 Keqing Custom Edition

The long-awaited OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Keqing Phone was finally launched on the evening of February 28th. For Genshin Impact players who love the game, especially those who adore the character Keqing, the OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Keqing Edition is exceptional. The most extreme end-to-endcustomization imaginable, including the power adapter, data cable, and more, has undergone comprehensive customization, making it one of the most meticulously customized joint limited edition phones of 2024. Genshin Impact fans and tech bloggers alike have highly praised the OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Keqing SmartPhone. Let's explore further together.

oneplus keqing phone

OnePlus has carried out deep customization from the inside out this time, from the body to the packaging, from accessories to ornaments, and even the body has custom Easter eggs. It can be said to be presenting users with an artwork with light as the element and Genshin Impact Keqing as the carrier. The OnePlus Ace 3 Keqing Custom Edition adopts a purple main color, referred to by OnePlus as electro violet, and it is monochromatic. This includes the camera deco and metal frame, all in the same purple color. The back uses a new generation of silk glass technology, with Keqing's unique flower Aceessories and lightning stiletto icon.

oneplus keqing accessories

The accessories are also deeply customized, including the Lightning Stiletto SIM ejector , a letter to travelers, the glinted lightning custom fast charging cable and the 80W SUPERVOOC power adapterr, all brimming with Keqing elements and a purple atmosphere. The data cable features a unique T-shaped design, making it convenient for gaming while charging, enhancing the gaming experience. Additionally, OnePlus has also incorporated Keqing-themed surround custom lighting effects into the bend part of the cable, which can remain lit during charging, showcasing meticulous attention to detail.

Oneplus Genshin Impact Phone UI Design

In addition to the full integration of Keqing elements in the exterior design, the entire UI interface of the OnePlus Genshin Impact Keqing Phone is also infused with Keqing elements. During the online launch event, we could see that the entire system interface is related to Keqing, allowing Genshin Impact players to have a more immersive gaming experience. Additionally, OnePlus has deeply customized the notification sounds and ringtones to give the OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Keqing Custom Phone authentic Keqing audio effects.

OnePlus Ace 3 Keqing Custom Edition

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus also thoughtfully includes a Keqing display box as a gift for consumers. This Keqing display box can neatly display various items such as the Keqing standee wearing modern attire, the customized protective case featuring Keqing's image, the customized acrylic phone stand, the collectible chibi commemorative metal badges, chibi expression sticker , and the shiny character badges, all featuring Keqing's likeness.

As the first deeply customized phone of 2024, the OnePlus Ace 3 Genshin Impact Keqing Custom Edition sets a great example. Other devices should follow this depth of customization for it to truly be considered customization. Meeting user needs and creating quality products is what matters and that's what makes it meaningful.

In terms of gaming experience, OnePlus has once again deepened its collaboration with the Genshin Impact gaming company, allowing the OnePlus Ace 3 Genshin Impact Keqing Custom Edition to offer an even more extreme flagship gaming experience. In the officially disclosed game testing data, we can see that in a 2-hour test of daily Genshin Impact combat, this phone averaged a frame rate of 59.3, with a maximum temperature of 45.5 degrees Celsius and an average power consumption of 5.4W. Additionally, the loading speed within the Genshin Impact game far exceeds that of other brand smartphones. For Genshin Impact players, the OnePlus Ace 3 Genshin Impact Keqing Custom Edition can be said to be full of sincerity.

As a product with a level of customization far beyond imagination, this phone is very cost-effective. Moreover, in terms of gaming experience, the OnePlus Ace 3 Genshin Impact Keqing Smartphone offers superior performance compared to other products in the same price range. Therefore, for friends who are considering purchasing a new phone, especially those who enjoy playing Genshin Impact, the OnePlus Ace 3 Genshin Impact Keqing Custom Edition is worth considering.