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Who Are the Liyue Qixing?

by Genshin Fans 23 May 2024

Dear Travelers, it has been three years since the beginning of the trip in Teyvat, in which we not only met different kinds of people, but also experienced a lot with them. I am sure that there must be a region where what happened there impressed you the most.

Despite those rich experiences, regions such as Mondstadt and Liyue has not been fully opened yet. What we know about Teyvat is only the tip of the iceberg.


During the countries we have been traveled, Liyue is probably the most complicated country. The entire nation is rich in natural beauty, with mountains and rivers, and has convenient transportation, which is favorable for trading. Additionally, Liyue boasts the largest harbor in Teyvat, making it arguably the wealthiest country in the continent.

Given such significance, the rulers of this region are particularly important. Liyue's human rulers are known as the Qixing. Interestingly, the Qixing does not refer to seven stars but actually eight, implying there are eight members instead of seven.


The term "Beidou Qixing" originally refers to seven stars: Tianshu, Tianxuan, Tianji, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang, and Yaoguang. These seven revolve around the Ziwei Star, which is why Ziwei is also known as the Emperor Star.In the game, three of the Qixing are already known to us: Yuheng, Tianquan, and Tianshu.

Yuheng Star - Keqing

Keqing is the Yuheng Star of the Qixing, the brightest star in the Beidou Constellation. Historically, Yuheng was also known as "Lianzhen Star", "Killing Star". and "Prison Star", representing impulsiveness and defiance.


Though Keqing's personality in the game doesn't completely align with these traits, her serious demeanor and high combat prowess reflect her star's characteristics well.

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Tianquan Star - Ningguang

Ningguang is the Tianquan Star, the dimmest star in the Beidou Constellation, often referred to as "Wenqu Star", symbolizing intelligence.


Ningguang's cleverness and business acumen are well-recognized in the game. As one of Liyue's top leaders and its richest figure, her influence is pivotal in Liyue's development.

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Tianshu Star - Tianshu

Tianshu is the star closest to the North Pole in the Beidou Constellation and the second brightest, also known as "Tanlang Star". It symbolizes power, sometimes it is even the representation of the Emperor of Gods.

While Tianshu isn't a playable character, he is part of Liyue's lore. However, he keeps calling Ganyu as his "elderly sister", which players find amusing.

The identities of the remaining four stars are still a mystery in the game. However, there are hints about their identities.

Paimon has mentioned that the Qixing are seven commercial powers controlling Liyue's economy (Ningguang also mentioned that every one of the Qixing is an important figure in commercial area of Liyue). Currently, we know that Tianquan Ningguang manages law and intelligence, Yuheng Keqing oversees land construction, Tianshu... a fishman, maybe he is a significant role in the fishing industry.

Since all of the three are related to a commercial area, maybe we can have a guess on the other four.

The Yun family, a prominent forging family, used to have Yun Hui as one of the Qixing, managing Liyue's armory, the Blackcliff Forge. Now, the background story of Yun Jin mentioned that the Yun family does not forge any more, so it's possible that another member from a different forging family has taken up this role.

Feiyun Commerce Guild is a significant commercial entity in Liyue, the popular character Xingqiu is the second young master there. The leader of the Guild might be one of the Qixing, overseeing the textile and clothing industry.

The dark side of commerce in Liyue is managed by Rouran, the hidden boss of the Pearl Galley. This shadowy business, allowed by the Qixing, suggests that Rouran could be one of them.

Lastly, there's Jiangxue, an NPC who handles daily commissions in Liyue. He is able to defeat with ease the enemies so powerful that even the Traveler cannot deal with. Although he doesn't look like a business man, but so does Tianshu.

If he is not an Adepti, he might be one of the Qixing, even the Ziwei, given his combat prowess and mysterious background. After all, even the Geo Archon has retired, it is reasonable for the controller of Qixing to retire as well.

Who else do you think could be the hidden members of the Qixing?