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Genshin Impact 'Of Forest and Sand Series' Merchandise Coming Soon!

by Genshin Fans 11 Jun 2024

Dear Travelers, the official Genshin Impact merchandise store will launch the new "Of Forest and Sand Series" merchandise on June 13 at 20:00. Don't miss the special offers during the event!

This themed collection features new items inspired by the Sumeru characters Tighnari, Cyno, Alhaitham, and Kaveh, including various clothing items and accessories such as T-shirts, short-sleeve shirts, bags, jewelry, and travel-size perfume gift sets.

Each character's T-shirt comes in two color options, with a textured signature on the front and back, adding a touch of luxury.

The Tighnari shirt features a layered front panel with metal pendants, exuding a playful and lively vibe. It's paired with an exquisite arrow-shaped brooch to enhance the exotic jungle style.


Cyno Shirt

The Cyno shirt has sleeves with an openable structure, and the deep purple slashes resemble lightning streaks. It comes with a metal relief pendant featuring an elemental burst pattern, adding a cool touch.

Alhaitham shirt

The Alhaitham shirt has a contrasting color collar that complements the printed design on the chest. It's paired with a tote bag featuring a buckle design reminiscent of a document bag, perfect for experiencing the daily life of a Scribe.

Kaveh shirt

The Kaveh shirt has a faux two-piece collar, paired with asymmetrical ear cuffs with a semi-transparent stained-glass effect and a double-layer pendant with a 3D geometric design, fully embodying the romantic spirit of an architect.

Additionally, the collection includes travel-size perfume gift sets inspired by the characters, with unique fragrance formulas and bottle designs inviting travelers to experience the essence of the forest and sand.

The new collection is now available for preview. Travelers can visit the store for more details.

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