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How Unfortunate Is Tartaglia?

by Genshin Fans 17 Jun 2024

If Cyno is the most unfortunate character in team composition, then our Tartaglia, also known as Childe of Fatui, can be descrived as the "king of misfortune". His strength lies not in low-level battles, but in high-stakes encounters. He always seems to face formidable opponents, and there's never been a time when Tartaglia has managed to turn the tide.


In the story, it's revealed that Tartaglia accidentally entered the Abyss at the age of 14 and met his master there, the girl named Skirk. Instead of asking such powerful figure for guidance, Tartaglia challenged her to a one-to-one duel. Predictably, he was thoroughly defeated, and even Skirk couldn't bear to see him so beaten doown, so she taught him a few tricks to deal with others.

Tartaglia truly embodies the essence of a pure warrior, loving to challenge strong opponents and continuously improving himself. His character traits have earned him the admiration of many players. Of course, his charm extends beyond the game to his merchandise, especially Tartaglia watch, plush toys, and sleepwear, each striving for perfection.

tagtarlia Genshin

After finally escaping from the Abyss, Tartaglia ran into another formidable character: the Rooster, a high-ranking member of the Fatui. With the Rooster's political resources, Tartaglia managed to become an executive of the Fatui, which afforded him some status. However, dissatisfied with being at the bottom of the executive ranks, he challenged other executives but never won a single match.

Childe Foul Legacy

Due to his numerous defeats, he was eventually sent to Liyue under the guise of collecting the Geo Archon's Gnosis. But life in Liyue wasn't any easier. To obtain the Gnosis, he encountered the Traveler in the Golden House. The Traveler, renowned as the mightiest in Teyvat, forced Tartaglia to use his Foul Legacy Transformation too try and eliminate the Traveler. Yet again, he was defeated.

zhongli and childe

The worst part was that after finally finding an excuse to leave, he was tricked by an "idler" in Liyue, who continually took advantage of him, treating him like a cash dispenser. This string of misfortunes led Tartaglia to question his life. Under such pressure, he decided to take a break and headed to Fontaine for a vacation.

Childe Genshin

No sooner had he arrived in Fontaine than he was accused of a crime. Despite eventually clearing his name, he was still sentenced to prison. In a fit of anger, Tartaglia decided to use his Foul Legacy Transformation and teach the people of Fontaine a lesson. However, the one he faced was Neuvillette, who was on another level. Before he could even unleash his power, he was overpowered and thrown into the Meropide.

So, you see, Tartaglia really is the most unfortunate character. It's not an exaggeration.