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Tighnari - Heart of A Scholar

by Genshin Fans 19 Jun 2024

Tighnari is a playable Dendro character released in Version 3.0. He is the stern Chief Officer of the Forest Rangers and Collei's mentor who lives in Avidya Forest in Sumeru, and his birthday is celebrated on December 29th. Tighnari is widely used as the main DPS in Catalytze teams (Tighnari, Yae Miko, Nahida/Fischl, Zhongli) and in Catalyze Hyperbloom teams (Tighnari, Kamisato Ayato, Nahida, Kuki Shinobu). Tighnari's uniqueness lies in that he is the first Dendro character, first five-star Dendro character, first playable five-star character in Sumeru versions, and first Event-Exclusive five-star character that is later added to the Wanderlust Invocation and became a non-Event Exclusive character (followed by Dehya in Version 3.5). Due to his uniqueness, usefulness, gentle character and attractive appearance, Tighnari enjoys high popularity since Version 3.0, and the offical store also promoted much merchandise since then.

The Traveler and Paimon first meet Tighnari on the first day of their trip to Sumeru, where the Traveler accidentally falls unconsciousness and is saved later by Tighnari in the Gandharva Ville. When he enters the room, he asks if the Traveler is feeling better, and explains the reason of the Traveler's unconsciouness: Sumeru scholars would use a certain incense known as Spirit Borneol to help calm their minds as they enter a state of deep rumination; the incense typically has no effect on most people, but for a very select few, it can have profound effects on one's cognition. After the event of saving the Dendro Archon Nahida, the Traveler gets more familiar with Tighnari.

The inspiration of Tighnari comes from an Andalusian Arab Muslin agronomist, botanist, poet, traverler, and physician named Al-Tighnari lived in 11th and 12th century. The most eye-catching symbol of Tighnar is his long and canine-like ears, the shape of which belongs to the fennec fox, a small crepuscular fox native to the deserts of North Africa, ranging from Western Sahara and Mauritania to the Sinai Peninsula. The binomial name of fennec fox is Vulpes zerda, and the Story Quest chapter of Tighnari is also called "Vulpes Zerda Chapter".

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Tighnari Plush

Besides, there are some other details that you may don't know about Tighnari:

Tighnari comes from Amurta, one of the Six Darshans, the six main schools of Sumeru Akademiya. It is the biggest school in the Akademiya, and is specialized in biology, and includes related disciplines such as ecology and medicine.

Tighnari would use essential oil to keep his tail in good health and shape.

Tighnari also has business dealings with Dori, Lord Sangemah Bay, the owner of the Palace of Alcazarzaray and a merchant of high regard.

Tighnari doesn't like others to touch his ears, because his ears are really sensitive, just like those of the fennec foxes' in real life.

Tighnari cannot stay in the desert, even for a little while.

Unlike other adults in Sumeru, Tighnari knows for sure the existence of Aranaras.

All five sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin) of Tighnari are sensitive, especially his ears.

The life choice that Tighnari made is similar to "graduated with a doctor's degree from MIT and chose to be a research in an NPO".

Tighnari has never used the Akasha Terminal, and keeps a vigilant and detest towards it. However, he is still better than the scholars with the Terminal.

Sumeru Version has long passed, and we are now standing at the end of Fontaine version. However, despite after two years, Tighnari still enjoys high popularity. Recently Genshin Official promoted the latest "of Forest and Sand" series, the merch of Tighnari, Kaveh, Cyno, and Alhaitham, and the Tighnari merch is widely recommended and looked forward.

Tighnari Bucket Bag

Tighnari Bucket Bag

The first merch is Tighnari-styled bucket bag. It is about 160 mm long, 160 mm wide, and 170 mm tall. Together with the bag, there is also a special bonus: the Tighnari Holographic Ticket that is approximately 21cm*7.8cm with double printing.

Tighnari Perfume

Tighnari Perfume

Tighnari perfume

The perfume is stored in a case made of zinc alloy and PU material, suitable for traveling. The quantity is about 10 mL, with a top note of bergamot, green leaves, and green apple; middle note of lily, orange blossom, and fig leaf; base note of cedarwood and vetiver.

Tighnari Short Sleeve Shirt

Tighnari Short Sleeve Shirt

The short sleeve shirt is made of 79% polyester fibre and 21% viscose fibre, and a Holographic Ticket is sent as a special bonus with the shirt, the same one of the bucket bag. 

At the end, we collected some questions that you may want to ask about Tighnari.

What culture is Tighnari based on?

Tighnari is believed to be have been inspired by Al-Tighnari (alive 1075-1118), an Arab botanist, traveler, and poet from the period of Islamic Golden Age. Tignar is the name of the billage where Al-Tighnari was born, which is located in the province of Granada, modern day Spain.

Is Tighnari a fox or a dog?

Neither. Tighnari belongs to Valuka Shuna, a humanoid, foxlike race in Sumeru. Therefore, he inherited some of the traits like large ears reminiscent of fennec foxes' and bushy tails.

What is the thing on Tighnari's back?

Tighnari sports a green half-cape attached to a large gold trinket on his back. And according to his background story, the trinket is likely to be the magnifying lens that he used in his childhood.

What is Tighnari's last name?

It is not mentioned in the game or any background story what the last name of Tighnari is.

How old is Tighnari?

It is estimated that Tighnari is 18-25 years old, because he graduated from Sumeru Akademiya not very long ago, we can still see his teachers and classmates in Sumeru now.

Why do people ship Cyno and Tighnari?

Cyno and Tighnari are shown to be very close friends. They have a mutual trust for each other, and often ask each other for assistance in various matters. They share a lot of similarities, as the two of them both take their jobs seriously and are shown to care deeply for others even though it may seem at first that they aren't as caring.

Does Tighnari have human ears?

Tighnari is human, but belongs to a race that has foxlike ears. Therefore he does not have human ears, but a pair of ears similar to the fennec foxes' on his head.

Who is the Tighnari voice actor?

The voice actor of Tighnari was Elliot Gindi (before Version 3.6), but was replaced by Zachary Gordon, a famous American actor and musician who is known for his role as Greg Heffley in the first three films of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series; as a voice actor, Gordon has been cast in animated series such as Robot Chicken, Handy Manny and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as well as video games including Kindom Hearts 3.

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