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The Mysterious Albedo

by Genshin Fans 02 Jul 2024
albedo genshin

Albedo is a playable Geo character in Genshin Impact. Due to his role as a Geo sub-DPS, his gameplay is relatively simple. However, in contrast, Albedo's character design is complex and brings various mysteries.

The mysteries surrounding Albedo are intricately linked to the fall of Khaenri'ah, the catastrophe centuries ago, and the truth about Teyvat.

As the character's storyline unfolds, various Albedo merchandise has been released, including Albedo dolls, badges, and standees. We look forward to miHoYo launching more exquisite Albedo merchandise.


The first mystery about Albedo is his origin. Although the game's storyline does not explicitly state it, the character's background hints that Albedo may not be a conventional human but rather an "artificial human". In simpler terms, he is an "alchemical creation".

Speaking of Albedo's past, we must mention his master, the one who created him—Rhinedottir.


Rhinedottir is from the now-destroyed Khaenri'ah and once created the Durin, as well as the Riftborn creatures: Rifthound Whelps, Rifthounds, and the Golden Wolflord! Yes, the wolf-shaped monsters hated by players and the BOSS introduced in Version 2.3 are all creations of Rhinedottir. In a way, these monsters and the dragon Durin are all Albedo's brothers...

In fact, the Rifthoudns did not originate from Inazuma; they first appeared in Mondstadt. In Razor's storyline, it was mentioned that black wolves appeared in Wolvendom, attacking the wolf pack and threatening the residents of Springvale. From this, we can see that the writers filled a significant plot hole.

Note that the official background for the Riftborns states that their blood can corrode the world's boundaries and that they have the habit of devouring elements. Moreover, the term "black" has been mentioned multiple times!

Yes, this setting is related to the Aerosiderite series of materials from Liyue. The description in these materials mentions that this black power comes from outside the world, strong enough to taint the power of the Geo Archon.


Albedo's alchemy is inherited from "Rhinedottir" and aims to create life, differing entirely from the existing techniques of the seven nations. Whether it is the Aerosiderite series of materials or the description of the Golden Wolflord, the term "beyond this world" is mentioned.

Therefore, Albedo's alchemy might be using power from beyond the world, such as the power from the Abyss (Abyssal Order) that Rhinedottir utilized.

In Rhinedottir's notes, this alchemy is called the "Art of Khemia." The term "Khemia" has two meanings: one refers to Khaenri'ah, and the other refers to the foundation of life. "Khemia births Chalk" refers to the alchemical creation of Albedo.

In Rhinedottir's notes, it is mentioned that "Chalk is pure soil and the material of the primordial man." In the original work, there are three primordial beings: Pangu, Prusa, and Ymir, all creators of Teyvat. Thus, Rhinedottir's words have two interpretations: (1) Albedo is the fourth primordial being; (2) Albedo is made from the material of the primordial beings.


Albedo and his master lived a simple and happy life until one day they discovered a relic called the "Heart of Naberius" in the depths of the world. Afterward, Albedo's master disappeared, leaving behind a note, a recommendation letter, and a book. She instructed Albedo to go to Mondstadt to find her old friend Alice and tasked him with his final lesson: to reveal the truth and meaning of the world.

But this time, the scholarly Albedo couldn't even understand the question...

In Rhinedottir's letter to Alice, she mentioned hoping her friend could provide a dedicated laboratory for her apprentice. However, possibly because the lab's standards were too high, Alice instead recommended Albedo to the Knights of Favonius, making him the Chief Alchemist and the Captain of the Investigation Team.

For the scholarly Albedo, it takes only a short time each day to complete the work for the Knights of Favonius. Thus, Alice "naturally" entrusted Klee to Albedo. In the following days, helping Klee clean up her messes occupied most of Albedo's time and energy.


From the above content, we can see that although Albedo may have a low presence among players, his significance spans the world's truth, the primordial beings, Khaenri'ah, Rhinedottir, the dragon Durin, and the monster disaster. Vertically, he connects the historical line of "Genshin Impact," and horizontally, he ties together the legends and crises of Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

Of course, from the actual storyline, Albedo brings more mysteries.


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