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Venti and Chinese Taoism

by Genshin Fans 12 Apr 2024

Even though Mondstadt contains so many Western characteristics such as the knights and the church, the behavior and policy of the Archon here, Venti, are similar to the concepts of Chinese Tao.
According to Tao Te Ching (《道德经》, the foundational work of Chinese Tao), "圣人处无为之事,行不言之教,万物作焉而不辞,生而不有,为而不恃,功成而弗居。"(The sage views and teaches the world with the opinion of non-interference. He grows things without initiations, makes things without inclinations, and achieve things without identifications.) So does Venti, who creates the present nation but takes no direct control over it. He teaches his people to pursue freedom and happiness, while he himself chooses to be a wine-imbibing bard.


The element of Venti, Anemo, the power of wind, is also mentioned in Tao Te Ching. "夫吹万不同,而使其自已也。咸其自取,怒者其谁邪?"(The wind blows over everything, and makes every sound, but the variation of sounds is because of the variation of the things, not the wind. Therefore, what sounds everything, other than everything themselves?) The sentence discusses the relationship between wind, sound, and things, emphasizing that everything should depend on themselves, which is similar to the famous quote from Venti: "What is freedom, if demanded by a God?"
Some may consider Chinese Tao as "not doing anything", but it is wrong. The reason why Chinese Tao suggests non-interference is that many of the things can be considered "enough", so there is no more necessity to do something. However, when the time comes that one must do something, Chinese Tao suggests that one do it seriously, selflessly, with nothing else in mind; just like Venti, who is always wandering, singing, and drinking, will put himself forward sometimes, to save his friend (Dvalin) or to save his people (Stanley).
In conclusion, Venti conforms highly to the description of a sage in Tao Te Ching, whose behavior and spirit lead but not demand the people. He is truly the God of Wind and Song, of Breeze and Hope, the great Lord Barbatos.