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Xiao Keyboard - A Perfect Blend of Aesthetics and Performance

by Genshin Fans 27 Nov 2023
Xiao Keyboard

Xiao Keyboard Introduction

The Xiao Keyboard is a product that places a strong emphasis on both aesthetic design and performance. From packaging to detailed features, it demonstrates a thoughtful approach to the player experience.

Xiao Keyboard

Packaging and Accessories

The product comes in a magnetically sealed box and includes a keycap puller, a data cable, all featuring Xiao's signature color scheme. The keyboard's top and bottom covers are made of plastic, and the UV printing process is used to carve out a wood-like texture on the top cover, highlighting its premium feel.

xiao keyboard showcase

Design Details

Customized patterns on the left Shift key are inspired by Xiao's attire, with the Q key featuring Xiao's ultimate move, and the E key showcasing the elemental skill icon - a perfect correspondence with the two crucial keys in the PC version of Genshin Impact. The right Shift key and the back of the keyboard bear Xiao's constellation pattern, while the ESC key displays Xiao's associated Anemo (Wind) element icon.

Visual Experience

The spacebar presents an illustration of Xiao in a dancing stance, set against a white background. This, combined with the gradient colors of the keycaps, creates a visual sensation of Xiao descending from the sky with air currents bursting on either side. Additionally, the keyboard includes a metal keycap featuring Xiao's Yaksha mask design and a personalized keycap with a Q-version image of Xiao.

Additional Accessories

The included switch tester comes with a lanyard, serving as a decorative accessory for smartphones or keychains. The xiao keyboard manual features Varmilo's official website. The keycaps are made of PBT material, with a 90% PBT content, a matte texture, and durability. Any keycaps with defects such as black spots, stress marks, or deformities are discarded during quality control.

Performance and Feel

The spacebar and Shift keys commonly used in games offer a crisp and forceful rebound. I opted for the Sakura Pink V2 version, an electrostatic capacitive switch that resembles a mechanical switch but eliminates internal metal contacts, resulting in stable trigger signals and an extended lifespan. Compared to the V1 version, the audible noise during keypress has been significantly reduced.

Overall Evaluation

The Sakura Pink switch provides a moderate actuation force, offering a comfortable feel without causing fatigue. With a weight of 1342 grams and a front height of approximately 1.7 cm, the keyboard is well-suited for both gaming and work, eliminating the need for a wrist rest. The 108-key layout slightly affects the mouse's activity space. While there is no wireless version, the wired connection ensures a stable user experience.

In conclusion, the Xiao Keyboard stands out with its stunning design and exceptional performance, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts and gamers alike.