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APEX-TOYS- Genshin Impact Ningguang Eclipsing Star Ver.1/7 Figure

by Genshin Fans 08 Nov 2023

Introduction to Ningguang

Ningguang is one of the Seven Stars of Liyue, holding the position of the Tianquan Star. She is astute, eloquent, and possesses a deep understanding of human nature. Even in the bustling business hub of Liyue Harbor, she stands out as a prominent merchant. Anyone who meets Ningguang is awed by her remarkable insight and extraordinary intellect. Moreover, Ningguang has a unique style. She invests substantial funds to collect a vast amount of floating stones, using them as the foundation to construct an unparalleled and magnificent palace. The floating stones support the ethereal city, which remains suspended in the sky above Liyue Harbor throughout the year. Just like Ningguang herself, the palace is enigmatic and distant, yet effortlessly aptures the attention of every onlooker.

Ningguang's attitude to making money is largely the same as anyone else's: you can never have enough.But money to her is more than just a sign of wealth — each Mora is a trophy of a hard-won victory.Ningguang is kind and friendly toward the common folk, but this is a side of her that none of her business associates could ever hope to see.To her, the business world is a playground, and the zero-sum games are the most exciting. Each round she wins against a wealthy merchant brings a gleeful smile to her face as they sigh and reluctantly hand over the Mora, and nothing makes her happier than seeing the guilds bow to her wishes.Every victory in this game adds to the wealth of the Liyue Qixing. Liyue Harbor prospers as a result, and this in turn creates more business opportunities and more profit for Ningguang. Every member of the Liyue Qixing is more than happy with this perfect cycle of interlocking interests.

Packaging Display

The entire packaging is coated in bronze color and is exceptionally large, measuring 30cm in length, over 40cm in width, and 40cm in depth. In the middle, there is the pattern of the Vision. The product name is in the upper left corner, and in the lower right corner, there are smoke patterns and ginkgo leaves. Ningguang is very fond of ginkgo leaves, and there are numerous ginkgo leaves in this product.

The side features a hollow structure resembling window mullions, which looks very appealing.

The bottom is a phoenix pattern.

The box is a double door opening way to open after opening from the middle can take out the internal packaging

The internal packaging consists of traditional blister packaging, totaling three layers. The first layer contains the main figure and some accessories, the second layer contains the screen, scroll, and smoke effect parts, and the third layer contains the base.

Detailed description of the Ningguang figure

The upper part of the qipao is painted in golden color, highlighting Ningguang's proud figure. The folds at the chest showcase the elegant design of the clothing.

Ningguang's Vision is made of transparent material, emitting a mysterious glow from the center, while other parts are meticulously painted, with the red tassels showing a gradient effect. Her long hair tips are a light brown , her sleeves drag on the ground, and the folds are meticulously crafted. The gradient black veil effect and patterns on the sleeves are equally impressive, displaying excellent printing quality.

The abdominal design is smooth and natural, with several folds highlighting the body's curves. The opening on the right side features a button in the shape of a ginkgo leaf, adding a touch of refinement.

The most striking feature of this Ningguang figure is her slender legs, especially the raised leg, showcasing graceful lines. A golden cloud pattern wraps around her right calf, capturing attention. The design is exceptionally clever

There is a red pattern at the base of the left thigh, with a subtle gradient effect. The high-heeled shoes have a glossy patent leather finish, and the shoe's surface is adorned with a ginkgo leaf decoration, perfectly complementing the overall design.

Product Showcase

 We offer the official Genshin Impact Ningguang figure, meticulously crafted and lifelike, perfect for displaying in your collection cabinet.