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An In-Depth Analysis of Kaveh's Backstory

by Genshin Fans 27 Jun 2024

What impression do you have of the character Kaveh? The first time I saw him, I thought he was flashy and careless, and I didn't have a good impression of him. But after delving deeper, I discovered that this character is completely different from his outward appearance.

Therefore, I will deeply analyze Kaveh's character setting! To be honest, MiHoYo has put a lot of effort into this character.



Kaveh's father was a member of the Rtawahist School and once worked at the Akademiya. His mother graduated from the Kshahrewar School and was a renowned architectural designer. Influenced by his parents, Kaveh showed an interest in architectural design from an early age.

Sometimes, while sitting at home playing with the building blocks his parents bought, his parents would sit in the living room. Kaveh's understanding of "home" comes from that period.

The year before Kaveh entered the Akademiya, his father, encouraged and urged by him, signed up for the Akademiya's competition but died unexpectedly in the desert.

His mother was devastated and fell into despair. From that day on, Kaveh's life was wrapped in guilt.


His mother was devastated and fell into despair

Mother's Remarriage

The year Kaveh entered the Akademiya, his mother went to Fontaine to relax and received a job offer there.

Knowing that he would live a lonely life after his mother left, Kaveh agreed readily and saw her off when she left Sumeru.

As everyone knows, his mother met someoone she could entrust the rest of her life with in Fontaine and left all the property in Sumeru to Kaveh.

That day, Kaveh lay on the sofa at home, feeling his life was incredibly lonely.


What happened to his family made him extremely sensitive

No one expected that when the project was 70% complete, a silent night saw the Withering Zone silently emerge and destroy all the completed parts.

The ruins were like a thunderbolt to Kaveh, and the enraged Dori ordered Kaveh to leave the project.

Knowing such opportunities were hard to come by, Kaveh begged Dori to let him stay and finish the palace. To cover the losses, Kaveh sat amongg the ruins thinking all night.

Finally, he sold his parents' house and invested all the proceeds along with his savings into the project, covering the losses with Dori's help for the remaining difference.


Fate played a cruel joke on Kaveh. He spent everything to build a legendary palace that did not belong to him, ended up not earning a mora, and owed the client a large sum.

If it weren't for the kind tavern owner who took him in, he might have ended up on the streets.

During the half month he stayed at the tavern, he met an old friend he no longer called a friend-Alhaitham.


He voluntarily offered to handle the household chores

Homeless, Kaveh accidentally ended up staying at his old friend's place. The property under the scribe's name was originally a research institute allocated by the Akademiya. If Kaveh had not given it up, the excess academic assets would not have been legally converted into Alhaitham's residence.

Of course, Kaveh knew Allhaitham never did good deeds unconditionally, so he voluntarily offered to handle the household chores, thus taking on all the trivial tasks.

So, we see the scene above in Alhaitham's Story Quest.


When you delve into Kaveh's character, you'll find he is a very contradictory and conflicted person!

He helps others but never lets himself off the hook, always living in guilt toward his parents and using that guilt to torture himself; he pursues ideals but cannot overcome the immediate difficulties, and his ideals have become his burden...

You might think this is just a fictional character, but reality is often more magical! Looking back at when we first left campus, weren't we all full of ambition and dreams? But after repeatedly facing setbacks from reality, we realize how small we are in the face of fate!

In fact, most people have no choice between ideals and reality!

What happened is destined to be unchangeable, and no one can predict what will happen in the future. But at least we can decide our direction, let go of obsessions, forgive ourselves, reconcile with ourselves and the world, and learn to truly grow!