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Clorinde — A Must-Have Character

by Genshin Fans 07 Jun 2024
Clorinde Genshin

Stunning artwork that took my breath away!

MiHoYo has returned to its previous scheme of matching elements and color. Clorinde is an Electro character who wields a sword. The artwork primarily features purple, black, and white, with a cool tone overall, using light blue and gold as accent colors, creating a harmonious combination.

The prominent white on her lims and chest stands out against the darker background, drawing significant attention. The intricate details of the artwork are truly captivating and not to be missed! For instance, the depiction of the fabric and button shadows on her chest makes it look so full that it seems like the bottoms are about to pop right off.


The glossy and intricately textured black stockings, the shapely and powerful legs wrapped in garters, and the rounded buttocks covered in slightly rigid fabric are all very enticing...

However, the sharp lines of her triangular military hat, the presence of both gun and sword, and the sharp-edged accessories, all imbued with a sense of aggression, are pervasive. Overall, Clorinde's image, with a gun in her left hand and a sword in her right, exudes an extremely fierce and aggressive aura.

It gives a sense of the unique power of a dueling agent who, if unable to defeat the opponent with a ceremonial one-handed sword, will use the strength of gun. In the storyline, she likes lipstick and other cosmetics, as well as tea.

In Navia's voice lines, there is a hint of past misunderstandings.


However, in the storyline of Chenyu Vale, she speaks very familiarly with Navia, their conversation almost exuding a sense of partnership.

In Furina's voice lines:


While in Furina's character story 5:


Clorinde is the first to visit Furina after she moved out of Palace Omnipresence. Beneath her sharp and fierce exterior, Clorinde is actually a very perceptive and understanding adult woman.

Speaking of adult women, in the game model, her face is quite round and cute, with the hat's sharpness highlighting her dueling agent's aura. Her pupils are also very round, almost appearing as slightly vacant black holes, which is quite distinctive. This has even become a popular meme...


Ahem, sexy Clorinde is super cool!

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