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Furina: Not Just An Archon

by Genshin Fans 11 Jun 2024
Furina Genshin

Furina de Fontain (hereafter referred to as Furina) is a playable Hydro character who can alternate between Pneuma and Ousia alignments. It was launched in Version 4.2, and has been enjoying great popularity as the Hydro Archon character. Officially, she was born, or created, on October 13th inside Fontaine region, as the body and spirit part of the true Hydro Archon Focalors. As a playable characer, Furina is able to provide DMG even if she is off-field, and serve as the sub DPS in many teams, with the most popular ones being Furina Bloom (Furina, Baizhu, Neuvillette, and Kaedehara Kazuha) and Fyruba Vaporize (Furina, Zhongli, Hu Tao, and Yelan).

Furina Team

When the Travler and Paimon met Furina for the first time, she was quite flamboyant and imprudent, often spoke in a manner peppered with bravado and drama, and she will occasionally make judgments that she doesn't mean. Later she accused Lyney as guilty of murdering a citizen in his magic show, and the Traveler eventually defeated her through the trial.

Furina Genshin

However, it is later revealed that Furina was not the true Hydro Archon. Focalors, the successor of Egeria, had separated her divinity from her body and spirit, and Furina was the Archon's body and spirit without the Archon's powers. Furina was actually Focalors' way to deveive the Heavenly Principles in order to prevent the result of the prophecy regarding Fontaine from becoming a permanent reality. Focalors gave Furina a task that she has to maintain the guise of an Archon and cursed by Focalors so that she could not die nor pursue her happiness so long as Focalors lived. She then played the role for 500 years, while she was successful in this task, it wore her down mentally so that she suffered from severe self-esteem issues and paranoia. Finally, Focalors has got enough power to execute herself, and Furina is freed of her role as an acting Archon.

Genshin Furina

The best part in the story, is where the Divinity (of Focalors) compares with Humanity (of Furina). Focalors is aware of the future development of Fontaine and its destiny for hundreds of years, which is based not only on the prophecy but also on her own thoughts. She firstly assumed the fulfillment of the prophecy, and speculated backwardly how to prevent the worst from happening. She believes in humanity, in Furina, and in that Neuvillette can build deep relationship with humankind. She is noble and selfless, devoted all of her to the future of Fontaine, even including her life. We can hardly see her desire, despite a little fear before the execution. This is why she represents divinity, she is a God not only because of her power, but because her character. Viewed from Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), her insights and foresights, and her selflessness and kindness, indicates that she is an INFJ, a character type that is more religious and more close to God than any other types, Gods and founders of many religions are INFJs; While Furina, the representor of humanity, as what Focalors commented, is flamboyant when she needs to be flamboyant and cowardice when she needs to be cowardice. During her 500 years of role-playing, she would swank in front of the people, but suffer from her lonelilness at nights. She has her own emotions and feelings, strong but fragile, typical human being. Her emotions are from herself, even if the wish to save Fontaine. Her character type is likely to be ENFP, as Focalors said that she viewd Furina as a perfect human, for she has what Focalors lacks. God, after recognizing the beauty of the independence and authencity on human beings, started to love and envy humanity, and found the meaning of her existence. Human, with the intention of saving the future, played the role of a God but with only the will of a human, and eventually created a miracle that only God can create. That's what Furina did, and why Furina is accepted by all other Archons as a true God, even if she turned out to be a fake one.

Seeing how noble and lovely Furina is, and how widely-love she is now, MiHoYo also promoted many merchandise goods of Furina.

Furina Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

The bubble gun is shaped according to one of the besties at Furina's tea party, Surintendante Chevalmarin. She is Furina's reliable housekeeper who keeps her busy life in order. The bubble gun is attached with a belt which makes it more portable. It is the latest Furina merch and now is on pre-sale.

Surintendante Chevalmarin Plushie

Surintendante Chevalmarin Plushie

The plushie is also shaped according to Surintendante Chevalmarin. It is made of and filled with 100% polyester, and is now on pre-sale.

Furina Plush


Furina Finger Puppets Hanging Plush


Finally merch shaped according to Furina herself. It is a small toy that you can put on your fingers or hang it on your bags. It has many other styles including Lyney, Lynette, Fremine, Neuvillette, Wriothesley, Venti, Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, and Nahida.

Furina Acrylic Ticket


Furina La vaguelette Acrylic Commemorative Ticket Ornament


Besides Furina, her personal song La Vaguelette is also popular among Genshin Impact fans. This music commemorative ticket features a built-in NFC music chip, by bringing your phone close to which, you can launch the QQ Music application and play the song La Vaguelette.

As usual, we collected some questions that you may be curious about Furina.

1. Why did Furina pretend to be the Archon?

The true Hydro Archon, Focalors admits that it is she who forced Furina to masquerade as Fontaine's Archon for the last five centuries, so that she was free to secretly accumulate enough divine energy to subvert the prophecy of the Heavenly Principles and return her Authority to its right ful owner.

2. If Furina really the Archon?

No. Furina is actually a human clone of Focalors, and was never the real Archon of Fontaine, but the people never knew the truth. Also, the other Archons highly appreciated what she did to save Fontaine and confirmed her deed as an Archon's deed.

3. How old is Furina physically?

Furina has been alive for at least five hundred years, but her appearance is like a young woman.

4. Why can Furina live so long?

Furina was cursed by Focalors so she had to live as long as Focalors lives. However, after the execution of Focalors, Furina is also freed from the curse, she is now living a mortal's age.

5. Why does Furina's hair change?

Furina's appearance will change based on her Ousia/Pneuma status. Pneuma Furina's hair is sectioned into two parts, similar to a jellyfish cut: a short wavy bob cut of white, and a layer underneath of twin strands; while Ousia Furina's hair is shortened to only the bob section. A single lock of hair, like a long ahoge, points towards the right of her hat.

6. Did Furina die in Genshin Impact?

No. Furina did not die, but her creator, Focalors who looks the same as her executed herself to save Fontaine.

7. Why did Furina suffer?

In order to deceive the Heavenly Principles, Focalors created and cursed Furina, so that she will not die but also will not pursue her own happiness as long as Focalors is still alive.

8. Why does everyone love Furina?

Undoubtedly, Furina has been much loved by the people of Fontaine from the moment she "became" the Hydro Archon. Her charismatic parlance, lively wit, and elegant bearing- all bear witness to her godly charms. But perhaps the thing that she is most revered for is her unrivaled sense of drama.

9. Why did Furina become human?

Because the curse by Focalors is broken after her death.

10. Who was the Archon before Furina?

Furina was created by the real Hydro Archon, Focalors, and Focalors became the Archon after the death of her predecessor, Egeria.

11. How did Furina save Fontaine?

Furina pretended to be the Hydro Archon, so that the Heavenly Principles would not notice that Focalors was secretly accumulating enough divine energy to subvert the prophecy of the Heavenly Principles and return her Authority to its right ful owner.

12. Is Furina worth pulling?

Yes. Furina is worth pulling. If you are invested in the Spiral Abyss, there is no reason to skip an Archon since these characters are meta-defining in every sense.

What is it that makes you love Furina? Do you think Furina is worthy to be an Archon? Please comment and let us know!