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The Story Quest of Yae Miko

by Genshin Fans 04 Jun 2024

Underneath the rocky hills in the northen part of Narukami Island, a hidden studio is nestled. At this moment, a Kitsune dress in a shrine maiden's attire is staring blankly at a blonde traveler seated before a large bronze mirror.

Suddenly, the traveler jolts up, his slightly shadowed eyes opening in confusion. At this moment, the shrine maiden can no longer hide the smile in her eyes, "Welcocme, my little friend~"

yae miko story

The story begins with the Traveler and Paimon asking Yae Miko about the curse in "A Firsthand Guide to Summoning Spirits", coincidentally encoutering Katou's younger brother seeking help from Miko as well. Looking back at this scene, seeking help five days after the incident, Miko must have known the cause, and the younger brother definitely had secrets.

When asked, "Do you want to save your brother or establish your own sect?" the truth should have been evident. The source of Katou's possession is related to the damage caused by the Rifthounds. Miko knows that the residual memoories of these spirits possess little harm to people, causing at most headaches, colds, or fevers; a few injections, some medicines, and a couple of stitches would cure.

But since the Traveler is here, they can't just stand by.

Vision Keychain

Katou Youhei said that his brother was expelled from the sect by the Meikyou Shisui Art master Domon. This Domon is one of the victims of the Vision Hunt Decree. His obsession with martial arts make Katou Youhei's statement suspicious, laying the groundwork for the revelation of the truth later. This seemingly simple plot transitions smoothly without any superfluous parts. Once the possession matter is resolved, Yae Miko's eloquence is displayed to its fullest.

yae miko story

Thus, a foolproof plan emerged: write a book, silence everyone, and send them all away.

Following the trend at the time, a new hit light novel was created, spreading a new curse. It could suppress "A Firsthand Guide to Summoning Spirits" and help the fad pass. Thus, "The Traveler's Bizarre Adventure" was born.

yae miko story

At the end of "New Chronicles of the Six Kitsune", it mentions that five hundred years ago, the actions of Urakusai were related to the Abyss incursion, angering Kitsune Saiguu. However, the plot does not explain what trouble Urakusai caused or how it related to the Abyss incursion, only mentioning his involvement with the Firsthand Guide.

yae miko story

In the final Hyakkiyako segment, people chant the curse, and radiant golden orbs gather above Mt. Yougou. The people's respect and remembrance for their predecessors are thus buried in an obscure curse within the light novel.

Kitsune Saiguu perished, Ei isolated herself in the Plane of Euthymia, Urakusai passed away, and Ioroi were sealed. This is the story of a little Kitsune who walked through five hundred years alone.

The ending introduces Yae Miko's background story, where the revered Hakushin no longer returns, and the often acccompanying one is also absent. Five hundred years might be too long for mortals, but the sorrow and joy left by events are hard to erase for both the short-lived and the immortal.

Unlike Ei, Miko chose another path: she carried on the will of the former Saiguu and Makoto, laughing and playing for them, creating encounters and opportunities for them, and protecting their beloved Inazuma forever.

She once met the young and stubborn Kujou Tengu, tricked her into training in the mountains, and recommended her to the Kujou family. She once competed with the determined Oni, though defeated by Arataki Itto's extraordinary perseverance, she added some fun too the competition with a little trick. She exchanged goods with Liyue's Ganyu, gifting her delicious and tender seaweed. She also watched over all beings, pacified the diturbances caused by the mischievous Oni, and subtly played tricks on the pirate Linzang who harassed the islands, and hoped that the indestructible Scaramouche could find the right path.

Miko quietly did many things for Inazuma, traveling the world in mutiple identities, deeply understanding the beauty of humanity. The moonlight in the Imperial Garden shines through the branches and petals, sprinkling the courtyard with its bright pearls, glowing brilliantly in shallow hearts...

As the foreign wind brings change to Inazuma, Ei steps out of the Plane of Euthymia, determined to face the future, and the legend of the Hyakkiyakou reappears. Miko finally opens her heart, "Urakusai, you asked if I was doing well" "Really, every day is a happy day for me" "But watching you all leave now, I can't help but feel a little lonely" "Hmm... Just a little, of course". The beautifully crafterd CG animation brings the entire plot to a climax. Previously, Yae Miko was shown as cunning and unpredictable, but near the end, her sadness and loneliness from losing friends are revealed, serving as the finishing touch.

In the quest, Yae Miko's line, "honestly..." aims to continue her previously maintained image. However, the mixed emotions she can no longer suppress are condensed into this one line, "honestly..." embodying centuries of joy and sorrow. Paired with the voice actor's excellent performance and subtle changes in the character's expression, Miko's character is thus fully portrayed.

genshin yae miko story

The Yae Miko's Story Quest is also the epilogue of the Inazuma chapter. As Ei truly understands what Eternity is, Inazuma finally returns to being a normal country, with peace and happiness restored, and the precedents of Inazuma finally resting in peace.

Summoning spirits, invoking curses, and the Hyakkiyakou are all elements of traditional Japanese culture. Light novels and yakitori shops are parts of modern Japanese culture. The Yae Miko quest integrates many elements of Japanese culture, and Miko's shrine maiden image is entirely in the Japanese style.

yae miko

The final Hyakkiyakou cutscene deeply moved me. Those light gathering above Inazuma were so pure and beautiful.