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Xiao - Attractive to All

by Genshin Fans 28 May 2024
Xiao Genshin

Xiao is an Anemo character who currently resides at Wangshu Inn in Liyue. Born on April 17th, Xiao is an Adeptus under the name Alatus and is now the only surviving member of the five foremost Yakshas dispatched by Morax. The two most popular teams of Xiao are the Xiao Anemo Team (Xiao, Faruzan, Bennett, Zhongli/Yelan) and the Xiao Double-Core Team (Xiao, Zhongli, Jean/Raiden Shogun, Albedo/Bennett), among which Xiao plays the role of Anemo DPS. Xiao is also a popular character, and HoYoverse has promoted many different kinds of merch relating to it, especially the figure and keyboard, which attracted thousands of buyers.

In the storyline, the Traveler was accused of assassinating Rex Lapis, and the Adeptus Moon Carver told the Traveler to seek "a Conqueror of Demons, a Guardian Yaksha" for help, which is actually Xiao. During the first meeting, Xiao didn't play nice because he was not willing to get close to a mortal (at least he thought the Traveler to be). Upon seeing the Sigil of Permission, Xiao stated that it only prevents the Traveler and Paimon from getting hurt by Xiao himself, but it didn't stop them from getting hurt in other ways. Eventually, it took a while for the Traveler and Paimon to have a real conversation with Xiao, and the latter finally accepted them and treated them as real friends.

Another impressive storyline involving Xiao is the second act of the Interlude Chapter of the Archon Quests, Perilous Trail, which happened in the Chasm. The Traveler and Paimon was curious about the Chasm and decided to go into it. During this trip, they met Yanfei, Arataki Itto, Kuki Shinobu, and Yelan. However, they ended up trapped, and Yelan heard someone behind them, who ended up being Xiao. Xiao claimed that he was looking for someone, who turned out to be the missing member of the five foremost Yakshas, Bosacius. Bosacius was the eldest of all Yakshas and had defended Liyue against the demons over the years. At some point, however, he lost his sanity and disappeared, until he re-emerged during the cataclysm 500 years ago, but he didn't remember his name anymore and fought to the death in the Chasm against the monsters. Eventually, the team of the Traveler managed to get out, while Xiao decided to sacrifice himself to make sure the others were safe, but a swirl of yellow energy appeared from the surface to rescue him, which turned out to be the power of the Geo Archon.

If you have enjoyed these storylines, then you must have a clue on why is Xiao so popular. I collected the reactions from different players to reflect the attraction of Xiao.

Female Player: Design Details

Xiao's character design has many attractive details:


1. Red Eye Shadow

The touch of crimson at the corner of Xiao's cold and beautiful eyes moves me deeply. Seeing him silently endure, his jaw clenched, and his eyes red from the pain of his karmic burdens; when those usually calm amber eyes ripple with emotion for you; when the red at the corners of his eyes shows his infinite trust in you—how can you not love him?

2. Tight White Silk

I once thought Zhongli's tight-fitting outfit was a work of art, but Xiao's surpasses even that. His semi-transparent white silk top outlines his chest and abdominal muscles; the light gold patterns gradually extend downward, making me wonder about Xiao's entire outfit. The V-shaped open back revealed when he turns sideways makes my heart race. When the breeze lifts his garment, revealing the deep, long line of his spine—how can you not love him?

3. Bare Shoulders

Before Xiao, my favorite asymmetrical design from miHoYo was the single earring. But Xiao's asymmetrical bare shoulder won my heart. One side showcases a strong and slender arm covered in floral tattoos, while the other side reveals a bare shoulder with a half sleeve, combining yin and yang. This fluid contrast between stillness and movement, strength and softness, reflects the hidden warmth beneath Xiao's seemingly cold exterior. Such poetic design—how can you not love him?

4. Draped Cloth

Before Xiao, my favorite design among miHoYo's male characters was the thigh ring that almost reached the hips. After Xiao, the design of a single piece of cloth draped in front takes the lead. The swaying gold foil above the fabric, resembling golden bells, captivates my attention. Xiao's aura of aloofness contrasts with the delicate gentleness in his attire, making me exclaim how this adeptus makes me addicted!

But in truth, what attracts me to Xiao is not just his appearance. When watching the Liyue storyline, Xiao frequently appears, often saving the protagonist in times of crisis. However, the moment that truly captivated me was his solitary figure facing the brilliant lights and bustling prosperity during the Lantern Rite Festival. As a yaksha destined to protect Liyue from the shadows, battling endless evil, he remains unseen and unappreciated. But for Xiao, is this merely a contract? If so, why does he show a faint smile when seeing Liyue illuminated by the lanterns?

In my view, Xiao feels he no longer deserves warmth, burdened by his karmic debt. He wishes to bear all sins alone, knowing he might one day be consumed by darkness like other yaksha. In his heart, it's better to be seen as a tool than to form bonds that might lead to pain upon his departure. His seemingly cold words hide his unique tenderness, as he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Deep down, Xiao is exceptionally gentle, though most gentleness in the world doesn't touch him.

Does he really remain indifferent to all warmth as he claims? On the contrary, I believe that those who dwell in darkness cherish any light they encounter even more, treating it with utmost reverence. Xiao's unwavering loyalty to Rex Lapis, repaying him with his life, stems from Rex Lapis's past salvation and warmth. Xiao, if given even a small token of affection, such as a plate of almond tofu, will go to great lengths to save you in times of danger. This strong yet prideful, stubborn yet soft-hearted, awkward yet loyal man, who bears everything alone to avoid causing you harm—how can you not love him?

Female Player: Heart-Felt Feelings

Xiao, my Xiao, what can I do to save you from the overwhelming vulnerability that nearly bursts through the screen?

How tragic is Xiao? When he stands on the streets of Liyue, I just want to give him food, drink, and money. Xiao has a unique impact on people, an impact that drags me down with him. When he cries, I cry. When he laughs, I laugh. If he were to turn dark, I’d be willing to die just to entertain him. Seeing him tortured by his karmic debt, kneeling in pain, is like a knife to the heart! I want to rush over and hug him with all my might! But what good would such a hug do? We can't alleviate his mental anguish. We witness his suffering only once, but for him, this kind of pain is as common as eating and sleeping.

I wonder, does Xiao see his own corruption every time his karmic debt acts up? How desperate must he feel! Anyone who knows the truth can foresee that the Conqueror of Demons will eventually be completely corrupted by his karmic debt, turning into a demon, and might even be slain by the Geo Archon in the end. Xiao probably has already resigned himself to this fate. He feels like a terminally ill patient about to give up treatment, still cooperating with his family but secretly closing his eyes and frowning, thinking, “I’m beyond saving.” Yet when Venti’s music plays, Xiao's eyes gradually clear. Venti, you’d better be in Liyue to cure Xiao. If you can cure him, you can have all of Kaeya’s wine!

If being tragic alone were enough, it wouldn’t be so captivating, as Qiqi is also quite tragic—dying as a child and being turned into a zombie. But Xiao is not only tragic but also very strong. No matter how much Xiao's intrinsic kindness and sense of responsibility are highlighted, you can’t ignore that he is a fierce yaksha. Because he is strong, he can be a qualified Conqueror of Demons, a yaksha. Yakshas stop killing by killing, which is bound to end badly. This sense of destiny gives Xiao a tragic beauty. From the moment he became a yaksha, killing became the purpose of his existence, and he is destined to wield his spear until his last breath.

Liyue needs his strength to protect its people, and the more thoroughly Xiao is consumed by his karmic debt, the more tragic he becomes. His numerous scars and gradually withering soul are all for the sake of protecting the people of Liyue. The more tragic he is, the more beautiful his character becomes, a beauty born from this stark contrast.

Male Player: Respect


My feelings toward Xiao are more of admiration, and it is precisely because of this admiration that I like him. I love the saying, "There is no such thing as peaceful times, only someone carrying the burden for us." Xiao's suffering will never end, which is why I love him. I ignore the mindless trends and simply appreciate Xiao for who he is. I like Xiao, I admire Xiao, and that's all there is to it.

If last year's Lantern Rite reflected Baizhu as a character representing doctors who work tirelessly even during holidays, then who does Xiao represent in reality? You probably have your own answer. Regardless of the answer, his image is undoubtedly very positive. Although Xiao's suffering will never end, as the Traveler and the people of Liyue, we can all help alleviate his pain.

I still remember he said he doesn't like integrating into contemporary Liyue, but at the end of the PV, he still ate the rice balls given to him by a little girl's grandfather. This shows that Xiao still has the inherent gentleness within him. With such a gentle yet strong heart, who wouldn't like Xiao?

As usual, we collected some of the questions that you may be curious about Xiao.

How old is Xiao in human years?

Currently, Xiao is the only Yaksha left in Genshin Impact, so his age is beyond 2000 years old.

How tall is Xiao?

Xiao uses the medium male model, and according to some players, his exact height is 158cm (5'2'').

Why is Xiao always suffering?

When Xiao was relentlessly slaughtering the endless, impure manifestations of the vengeful souls of the evil Gods and monsters, they turned into fractures and eventually tainted Xiao's own soul, which is also called karma in the game.

What is Xiao scared of?

He is scared of being fully controlled by the karma, and starting to hurt the people of Liyue that he loves and defends for thousands of years.

What is Xiao's mask based on?

Xiao's mask referenced aspects of the masks traditionally used in exorcism rituals as part of the Nuo (傩) folk religion. They had various color schemes and had an ominous look to scare evil spirits. His character has some other details in relation to Buddhism.

What does Xiao's arm tattoo mean?

According to some players, Xiao's arm tattoo is a "rough silhouette of an upside-down bird" which is supposedly a reflection of his true form.

Who do they ship Xiao with?

The most popular shipment of Xiao is XiaoLumi - the ship between Xiao and Lumine. There are more than 2,300 fanfics of XiaoLumi were created in AO3, and many fans of the game are eager to keep seeing their relationship growing closer.

“I've never liked dreaming. No matter what I see, I can neither control it nor easily escape. But recently... it's you that I keep seeing. All my dreams with you are of idle strolls and outings. Each time I awake, I can't help but wonder i I deserve to have such "sweet dreams" Perhaps were I to see you in the waking world, I would find the answer? If you are willing to meet me, just speak my name.”

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What does Xiao wear around his waist?

He is wearing streamers and breechcloths decorated with a cloud motif around his waist, to add a sense of antiquity.

What is it that makes you love Xiao? Do you have some feelings that is not mentioned in the article? Please comment and let us know!