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Lovely underwater creatures in Fontaine

by Genshin Fans 29 Mar 2024

In Fontaine, the only region in Genshin Impact where players can dive underwater, the underwater world is fantastically beautiful, offering a unique scenery. Today, let's introduce some of the adorable creatures commonly found in Fontaine!

1. Blubberbeast

A type of mammal that resides in the watery regions of Fontaine. It communicates with its companions through melodious sounds.


On the shore you can often see some Blubberbeasts turning their bellies to sunbathe. Even if they are beaten, they won't fight back. They'll just blink their cute big eyes at you, pat their bellies, lift their tails, and continue to lie down, which is really too cute! Want to give a Blubberbeast's belly a pat? Purchase a Blubberbeast plush toy - oversized, soft, and utterly adorable!

Blubberbeast plushie

Entering the water, the Blubberbeasts assumes a completely different state, enjoying congregating together, singing joyfully, and somersaulting. It possesses a certain level of aggressiveness, inflicting harm upon enemies by generating sonic waves through belly slaps.

The hidden quest Berrypuff The Blubberbeast in Genshin Impact involves fostering a feeble Pufferfish named Berrypuff in the aquarium south of the Path of Hope. Feeding Blubberbeast at intervals of over 6 hours each time, for a total of 5 feedings, will cause it to grow larger. Additionally, completing this task will unlock a splendid treasure chest and an achievement.

If you also love adorable Blubberbeast and want to get the same merchandise, you can purchase the Blubberbeast Itabag! Not only can you hang cute charms and plush toys, but the Pufferfish's fins also contain magnets. It can not only hug its round self but also embrace travelers from behind!


2. Bubbly Seahorse

Bubbly Seahorse

The Bubbly Seahorse comes in three colors: gray, purple, and blue. The gray Bubbly Seahorse has a forked pattern on its back, while the blue one features several white spots on its tail, making it rich in color and incredibly beautiful and cute. The purple Bubbly Seahorse has two purple stripes on its tail. Which color of the Bubbly Seahorse do you like the most? You can bring a Bubbly Seahorse plushie home with you!

Bubbly Seahorse Plushie
Some Bubbly Seahorses will blow bubbles at each other, perhaps as a way of expressing affection. When a Bubbly Seahorse is sleeping, a bubble may form at its nose, which looks extremely adorable.
The attack method of the Bubbly Seahorse is to spit out 1-3 bubbles as an attack. Male Bubbly Seahorses have a very strong attack ability in their adult form. Travelers, please beware and dodge carefully.

3. Angelic Sea Hare

Angelic Sea Hare

An aquatic creature that hunts by firing watery projectiles. The Angelic Sea Hare comes in two varieties: blue and pink. Resembling butterflies in appearance, they are agile and beautiful. Now available are Angelic Sea Hare plush, which are incredibly cute and lovely. Travelers, are you tempted?

Angelic Sea Hare Plush

4. Leisurely Otter

Leisurely Otter
A unique lifeform that lives in the water. Rumor has it that this creature has a deep phylogenetic relationship with the weasels that can be seen quite commonly on land. Its temperament is meek and indolent, and the rhythm of its existence is unhurried, bearing no sense of stress within its being.
When people encounter these languid otters, they often find these creatures floating with their backs facing the water, bringing both their paws together as a gesture of greeting. However, beneath their leisurely facade, they also possess a cleverness in their living, bearing enough intellect to use reefs to open up shellfish or mollusks in hopes of extracting delicious sustenance. Sometimes, after finding themselves stuffed from a massive meal, they won't need to forage for quite some time, allowing them to condense their eating habits into something best described as stuff yourself lots now and rest lots more later.
Fontemer Aberrant Leisurely Otter Plush Keychain

Would you like to interact with the Leisurely Otter? The Leisurely Otter plushie, holding a seashell, is incredibly adorable. Travelers, hurry and bring them home!

5. Hunter's Ray

Hunter's Ray

Among the Fontemer Aberrants, there are certain strange Xenochromatic lifeforms. It is said that these are not actually living creatures, but rather spirits from the ocean that have neither taken physical form nor swallowed bait. They are said to bestow blessings upon those accepted by the Fontemer as well as those that are able to control it. Of course, those that have a deeper understanding of natural philosophy would discount such groundless speculation.

Hunter's Ray also comes in two varieties, one blue and one green. Apart from their color, they have no differences. The Hunter's Ray's head resembles a curved blade, while its tail resembles a small ginkgo leaf. Hunter's Rays possess strong attacking abilities. Their attack method involves rotating their bodies and using their tails to create a water blade to strike at enemies. For the safety of travelers exploring underwater, be sure to avoid encountering this creature.

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