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Xiao Figure: A Must-Have Collectible

by Genshin Fans 21 Mar 2024
APEX Xiao Figure

APEX-TOYS collaborates with Genshin Impact to launch the popular character Xiao, Vigilant Yaksha Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure. With the graceful posture of a young Adeptus, he stands atop scattered rocks. Let's admire Xiao's exquisite figure together!

Adeptus Xiao. I will be here when you call

official Xiao figure

The official Xiao figure approximately 27 centimeters tall. With a robust posture and flowing sleeves, the Guardian Yaksha stands atop scattered rocks, exuding a hint of determination beneath the mask. Hair highlights, illuminated beast arm tattoos, and meticulous painting bring out each detail of the character.

Xiao Figure Details

Genshin Impact Xiao Figure

Xiao is a handsome young figure, and this Xiao figure faithfully captures his essence. With teal highlights in his hair, a purple diamond pattern at the center of his forehead, and signature red eyeshadow, it recreates Xiao's beauty.

The glossy and sharp Vajra around the neck, paired with a pearl-white necklace, allows travelers to adjust it according to their preference.

genshin xiao figure detail

The most exciting aspect is Xiao's clothing design. The main body of the top is white, with a cloud motif pattern and large sleeves. The right arm has a pattern resembling a golden-winged, with a subtle pearlescent effect, while the left arm's shoulder armor has a glossy finish, giving it a baked enamel texture. The jade-like accessories on it also exhibit excellent luster. A rhombus-shaped hollow can be seen on the back, and the carved details of the waist accessories, including the smoothness of the lacquer finish, are also well done. The green on the cuffs, the pink on the front streamers, and the purple on the back streamers—all three color gradients are very natural. There are some wrinkles on the pants legs, and the gold outlines and paint details on them are all exceptionally well-done, highlighting a sophisticated yet splendid clothing attire.

Xiao Figure Vision

Enhanced by various types of transparent components, Xiao's jade accessories exude a warm and clear glow, the Anemo Vision in his hand sparkling and translucent like a divine eye of the wind element. His weapon, the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear shines brilliantly, faithfully reproducing the original details from the game.

The base is adorned with numerous exquisite transparent parts, surrounded by karma, with the spear descending , vividly showcasing the might of Bane of All Evil.

This APEX Xiao figure, whether in its appearance, attire, or base design, draws inspiration from the character's portrayal in the Genshin Impact game, offering a faithful representation with meticulous craftsmanship. Fans of Xiao should not miss out on this exquisite collectible.

Some pictures are from apex official website