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Yae Miko and Her Adorable Fans

by Genshin Fans 14 May 2024
yae miko

As long as you have traveled in Inazuma, you will not forget Yae Miko, the head shrine maiden of the Grand Narukami Shrine, descendant of Hakushin's lineage, Eternity's servant and friend, and the intimidating editor-in-chief of Yae Publishing House, a publisher of light novels... but all you need to remember is that she will always be none other than the "wise and beautiful" Yae Miko.

Born on June 27th (just one day after the birthday of Raiden Shogun), Yae Miko is the best friend and loyal servant of Raiden Ei. She made her first appearance in Chapter II of the Archon Quests and was released on February 16th, 2022. Due to her beautiful appearance and attractive personality, she has a great number of fans.

In the story of the game, Yae Miko trained the traveler for the combat against Raiden Shogun, with her own intention to persuade her best friend Ei to continue the Vision Hunt Decree and save her from thinking into a dead end. She shows to the outside world a changeable mood and mysterious impression, and she calls the traveler "little one", but in fact, she is just doing as she wills and pleases. Pursuing fun and finding happiness is how Yae Miko lives her everyday life.

Before the traveler had the final combat with Shogun, Yae Miko gave the traveler the Grand Narukami Shrine Omamori (which is said to provide various forms of luck and protection) as a "farewell gift"; but when the traveler took the Omamori out in the combat with Raiden Ei in her Plane of Euthymia, Yae Miko appeared suddenly, because she had placed her consciousness in it, and helped the traveler to defeat the Electro Archon. The crucial Omamori pendant is also materialized by some Yae Miko fans as fanmade merch.

Grand Narukami Shrine Omamori

Yae Miko Omamori

Yae Miko is now a 5-star playable Electro character who uses Catalyst in battle. When she was released in February, she was considered by many as not worth pulling, because she is not that useful in the Spiral Abyss; but things have changed after Version 3.0, when the first 5-star playable Dendro character Tighnari was released. The Elemental Reactions brought Yae Miko back to the rank because she is suitable for partnering with Tighnari. Even nowadays in Version 4.6, a team consisting of Tighnari, Yae Miko, Nahida, and Zhongli is still considered one of the top teams for the Spiral Abyss.

Thanks to the great population that Yae Miko enjoys, the Genshin Impact promoted much merch relating to her.

The Yae Miko Fox Glass Cup, the pattern on the glass is the image of Yae Miko when she was still in the form of a fox, and the pink color also corresponds to the color of Yae Miko.

Yae Miko Fox Drinking Glass

Yae Miko Fox Glass

Yae Miko Fox Plush Charm, it is a plush toy that also uses the fox form of Yae Miko, but this is more fuzzy and comfortable. Every detail of Yae Miko is completely reproduced on it, which also makes it a suitable companion to carry along.

Yae Miko Fox Plush

Yae Miko Fox Plush

Besides the official, many of the fans of Yae Miko also present their creativity in distinctive ways.

The cosplayers would buy her costumes and dress like her in anime expos or just for photographs all over the world, and you can see Yae Miko in all kinds of forms.

Yae Miko Cosplayers

The artists would draw profile pictures or illustrations about Yae Miko to express their love for her.

(By @zerotabi1210 on X)

Fans with other skills would also create in their own ways. For example, some fans made wooden carving ornaments with the Yae Miko fox form.

Yae Miko Fox Ornament
Yae Miko Fox Woodencraft
Yae Miko Fox Charm
Yae Miko Fox Charm

Love leads to curiosity. Many Yae Miko fans are also curious about Yae Miko, and they would ask questions on the Internet. No matter how silly these questions may look, they all contain great love for our Yae Miko.

Is Yae Miko a fox or a human?

Yae Miko is a kitsune (a type of Youkai), a supernatural creature in Inazuma, so technically she is neither a fox nor a human.

Does Yae Miko have a fox form?

Yes. As a kitsune, Yae Miko does have a fox form, but nowadays she refuses to reveal it.

How old is Yae Miko?

Because Yae Miko is a kitsune, she lives a life much longer than the average human. Currently, she is at least 500 years old.

How tall is Yae Miko?

Yae Miko uses the tall female model in Genshin Impact, and according to some players, she is about 166cm tall (5'5").

What is the relationship between Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun?

According to the official character story, Yae Miko is the servant and old friend of Raiden Shogun who, before she decided to seek "eternity", gave her Gnosis to Yae Miko. Their relationship is similar to that between Xiao and Zhongli.

Is Yae Miko worth pulling?

Yae Miko can deal much damage when organized with Dendro characters such as Tighnari and Nahida. If you need another team in the Spiral Abyss and you already have a Dendro character, you can pull Yae Miko for higher Damage.

For those who really love Yae Miko, just do it without hesitation.

Does Yae Miko have tails?

When Yae Miko is in the form of a human, no tail can be seen, maybe there is none, or maybe she is able to hide it; but in her fox form, there is more than one. In fact, her tails will also show up sometimes when she is in her human form, such as when she gets into a team or when she uses her Elemental Burst "Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin", during which situation there are 5 tails can be seen in total.

When is the Yae Miko banner rerun in 2024?

The Yae Miko's banner rerun was available in Version 4.4, February 20, 2024 - March 12, 2024. Since the next-to-last Yae Miko rerun was in Version 3.7, May 24, 2023 - June 12, 2023, the gap between the two Yae Miko banners is about 9 months, so the next Yae Miko banner may be in November.

Yae Miko is attractive not only because of her beauty but also her intelligence and personality. Wish her life to be full of happiness and fun, which I suppose, is her greatest hope.