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Story of Raiden Shogun

by Genshin Fans 13 May 2024

Today, let's talk about the story of Raiden Shogun.


Beelzebul, also known by the name of Raiden Ei (雷電影), is the God of Eternity and the current Electro Archon among the Seven who rules Inazuma. She is often called Raiden Shogun (雷電将軍) as well. Ei was the younger twin sister and the Kagemusha (影武者, "Shadow Warrior") of Baal, the previous Electro Archon, also known as Raiden Makoto (雷電眞), who died 500 years ago.

Nowadays, the Raiden Shogun is the awesome and terrible power of thunder incarnate, the exalted ruler of the Inazuma Shogunate who, with the might of lightning at her disposal, commits herself to the solitary pursuit of eternity.

It is said that there were a pair of twin Gods born from the thunder in Inazuma, the elder one was named Baal, and the younger one Beelzebul. During the cruel Archon War, with the intelligence of Baal and the power of Beelzebul, the twin Gods defeated all the other gods in Inazuma, including Orobashi no Mikoto, who escaped to the Dark Sea. At the end of the Archon War, the Tengu, the Oni, the Bake-danuki, the Kitsune, and many other types of Youkais decided to surrender to the Twin Gods.

Shogun and Her Friends

Since the gods can be resurrected, to make sure that Baal is the Archon, Beelzebul decided to suicide and was immediately resurrected afterward. Eventually, there was one Archon (Baal, or Raiden Makoto) and one Kegemusha (Beelzebul, or Raiden Ei) in Inazuma.

After the Seven Archons had taken the throne, they once gathered together to celebrate the hard-earned peace, and Ei was still standing beside her sister, Makoto, so she was also known to the other Archons.

In Inazuma, Makoto founded the Inazuma Shogunate together with the people, to protect and preside over them. To the Inazuma people at that time, Makoto and Ei were one, and the twins also helped each other to govern the country, which made it no need to tell the fact that they were twins. Therefore, when Inazuma people talked about Baal or Raiden Shogun, it could refer to both of them. It was also about that time when Sasayuri (笹百合), Torachiyo (虎千代), and Kitsune Saiguu (狐斎宮) came to serve the Electro Archon.

However, 500 years ago, after the Cataclysm, the fall of Khaenri'ah, the alchemist "Gold" Rhinedottir became a "sinner" and created an "army of shadowy monsters" that destroyed all in their path once unleashed on Teyvat. Without informing Ei, Makoto headed to Khaenri'ah alone. By the time Ei found out her sister was missing, Inazuma was already in danger. Therefore, in the name of Baal, she stood out with her close allies and Inazuma soldiers to fight against the monsters.

Too worried about Makoto, Ei eventually headed to Khaenri'ah as well, after Kitsunne Saiguu made her promise to stay behind and defend Inazuma. Ei was aware of the danger in front of them, but what happened later was even worse.

At last, Baal, Raiden Makoto, gave the Throne, the Gnosis, and her sword the Musou Isshin to Ei, and died in the arms of her twin sister. Since then, Raiden Ei succeeded the Throne of the Electro Archon to protect Inazuma.

When getting back to Inazuma, Ei managed to save part of Makoto's consciousness, and she saw a Thunder Sakura spawned on the top of Mountain Yougou, which the rest of all considered to be there since the beginning of time. At that time, the monsters were still destroying Inazuma, even the sea there was made black. The Thunder Sakura was nearly overwhelmed trying to purify the land; many of the soldiers sacrificed, including Takamine the Mistsplitter, who had never resurfaced from the dark after his sword, Mistsplitter broke; Torachiyo was consumed by "a beast of sin" and was corrupted to turn against Ei and fought her, eventually fleed after Ei had cut her horns and sword arm off; Kitsune Saiguu disappeared and was "consumed" by the Abyss; Bake-Danuki Ioroi was taken in by Saiguu and hidden.

Finally, with the help of the power of the Thunder Sakura, or the Sacred Sakura, Raiden Ei finally brought peace to Inazuma. The Great Tengu Reizenbou thought she failed to protect the Kitsune Saiguu, went on a self-imposed exile. left her biological daughter, Tenruyo; The memory of Kitsune Saiguu was powerful enough that some of it remained unsullied as it settled into the earth as filth, thus creating Hanachirusato.

In order to make his people be protected by Ei, Orobashi went back to Teyvat and invaded Yashiori Island, and killed Sasayuri. At the end of this war, Ei used her signature Musou no Hitotachi swordsmanship to slay Orobashi, which also created a great rift known as Musoujin Gorge that split Yashiori Island in two.

After all of the wars that Raiden Ei has engaged in, she devoted herself to Inazuma, longing to protect it and her people, so she created a puppet Raiden Shogun and made sure that it followed her ideals. She gave her Gnosis to Yae Miko and removed her consciousness from her body into the Musou Isshin.

This way, her people wouldn't be in danger of transgressing the Heavenly Principles and being punished for it, like Khaenri'ah did, and Ei herself would survive as their permanent god by preserving her consciousness free from erosion and keeping an indestructible artificial body.

"This body is the noblest and most eminent of all in this world."

"It should hold absolute control over this world."

"It once promised its people a dream: the never-changing 'eternity'."